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And we deliver a great shopping experience. Finding a head designed for your position is a great starting point. Below are my picks of the best lacrosse sticks for youth laxers in 2022. Some companiessuch as East Coast Dyes and StringKingoffer great prestrung pockets that you can customize based on your preferences. To help players like me, I decided to create the site I always wish I had. Another thing I love about the Mark 2A (like most StringKing heads) is that it has a TON of sidewall holes, letting you customize your pocket to your play style. The face shape is similar to the Nemesis 3 but it stays stiffer over time based on our experience. Typically, as weight goes up, so does stiffness and durability. When all else is equal, finding the head with the highest stiffness-to-weight ratioor the head with the highest stiffness and lightest weightis the best option. With a low offset, the Maverik Optik 3.0 is great for low or mid-to-low pockets. It also has Innerlock technology that makes stringing on the inside rail easier and more secure. Below you can find some of my top choices for both full string kits as well as just mesh. The Warrior Nemesis QS features many stringing holes, making it easy to get the perfect pocket for those long outlet passes. You can easily search for the right lacrosse head, or a specific lacrosse stick, and more, as you can choose according to need, brand, price, best seller, and position. In 2020 Gait took the women's game by storm with amazing products such as the Apex, Whip, Flex Mesh and the Gait Draw. As far as other positions go, most players prefer stiffer heads that won't bend when scooping the ball and getting checked. It can be hard to decide which goalie head is the best with so many available. The materials include aluminum, titanium, scandium, and composite. Sure, helmets and pads are important for safety, but your lacrosse head helps determine how well you pass, shoot, catch, pick up ground balls, check, and much more. This makes it really hard to use on offense and you may have to worry about it being illegal. It is used by elite high school and college players as well as countless youth players across the nation. As far as the offset goes, it is pretty high up on the head, making it great for a mid/high to high pocket, which is typically the preference for defensemen. WebCrux 600 Complete Stick $124.99 $220.00 The Crux 600 was upgraded for the ultimate in control, precision, and accuracy for elite attackers. To help players like me, I decided to create the site I always wish I had. Another great thing about the new Nemesis QS is that it is legal for both the men's and women's games unlike the Nemesis 3. WebLacrosse Gear from the #1 Customer Rated Lacrosse Store | SportStop #1 Customer Rated Lacrosse Store Read Our Reviews & Find out why HIGHEST CUSTOMER RATINGS BUY & TRY Pricing Matching & Price Assurance FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $99+ TOP BRANDS BEST LACROSSE REWARDS PROGRAM The Choose a head thats comfortable and fits your preferred hand placement. I needed to trust that it would be consistent, reliable, and durable throughout the duration of the season. WebGait Whip Complete Stick with Flex Mesh Lacrosse Complete Sticks $274.99 | Lowest Price Guaranteed | Shop the Best Lacrosse Complete Sticks at and receive To help, we've created this guide which highlights the best lacrosse heads for a variety of positions as well as 5 other guides that present the best options by position. The Curved Offset drops the ball into the front of the pocket faster than any other head on the market providing incredible feel and maximum power. If you liked the old "Command" you are going to really like this updated version of a GC3. What kind of preferences am I talking about? The Eclipse 2 comes with a new throat that gives players a more comfortable and secure grip. The Nemesis 2 was notorious for breaking on the sidewall. Dave is the founder of Lax Drip. Here is what face shape each position typically looks for in a head: Some players consider weight the most important factor when choosing heads while others don't care as much. For example, if you like to loop your top string around the first diamond of mesh a few times, you'll need a large top sidewall hole. One of the biggest downsides of the Command is that it features far fewer stringing holes than its competitors, possibly leading to difficulty stringing for some players. In the reviews below, any references to stiffness, weight, and other metrics are based on heads in that category. Next up on our list of the best lacrosse goalie heads is the Under Armour Command Goalie. Buying Options:>> Amazon Unstrung>> Amazon Strung>> SportStop Unstrung>> SportStop Strung>> Lacrosse Monkey Unstrung>> Lacrosse Monkey Strung>> Dick's Sporting Goods Unstrung. We've found it to do well at limiting rebounds and also makes for a great, tight channel if strung correctly. Also, check out our top pick, recommended, and on sale products for the best deals. And even though the plastic is really thin, this head is super durable and warp resistant. Copyright 2023 - All rights reserved. He tests the heads for making saves, outlet passes, carrying the ball, trapping and scooping balls, and checking. Web4 Pieces Lacrosse End Covers Lacrosse Stick End Cover Plastic Lacrosse Butt End Tape Saver Butt End Black End Cover Lacrosse Hockey Stick Supplies. It is, however, lighter than a lot of those options since it isn't as bulky. FREE Another thing I love about the Mark 2A (like most. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It uses all-weather nylon that helps it maintain that stiffness even in high temperatures. The Eclipse 2 comes with a new throat that gives players a more comfortable and secure grip. WebPioneer Critical Power Pioneer CEP Pioneer CEP Pioneer Custom Electrical Products Corp. (Pioneer CEP) was established to serve electrical distributors, with a particular Overall, this is an amazing head for attackmen. Because football is a fall sport and During my freshman year of college, I went through 3 of them which was extremely frustratingespecially considering how long it took me to get my preferred pocket for outlet passes. The Tacktik 3.0 is light, very stiff, and has a ton of stringing holes that allow you to customize your pocket to your preferences. We want to be your favorite lacrosse store. Overall, if you are just looking for a head to faceoff with, the CEO is undoubtedly one of the best choices. Lacrosse gear varies depending on the type of lacrosse you are playing. WebGait lacrosse is a brand that is known for its high quality lacrosse sticks that drive performance. The new Gait Whip lacrosse head with Flex Mesh is a women's lacrosse head that finally not only allows you to have the largest front pocket, but also isnt super wide and flimsy resulting in a deceptive attackers dream stick! Overall, this is a great choice for both FOGOs and FOSOs, as shown by how many top college faceoff guys use it. Carson is from Charlottesville, Virginia. Having a super flexible head lowers the impact of checks, making it harder to take the ball away. The StringKing Mark 2D checks in as a very close second on our list of the best lacrosse heads for defenseand for very good reason. In most cases, I recommend buying an unstrung head and either stringing it yourself or getting a friend to do it. The QS stands for quick save and many of the changes Warrior implemented will help you do just that. The Tactik 3.0 is an upgrade on what was previously rated our top-rated midielder head in the Tactik 2.0. It has a great face shape, is stiff, holds its shape well, and the shortened throat gives an advantage for one-handed cradling. WebIn true Gait fashion we have reached back into the archives and simultaneously looked to the future to give you the New Apex. This is pairedup with a Gait Mid women's shaftso you will have one of the best set ups in the game. If you dont have it and youre up against one, chances are youre going to lose.. WebGait Air 2 Composite Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick Gait Air 2 Composite Complete Women's Lacrosse Stick $274.99 Intermediate & Advanced Please select options before adding to cart Select an option Free Shipping on Orders $99+ Order by 2:00PM EST Monday-Friday for SAME DAY shipping from in NH HAVE ADDITIONAL ), and read customer reviews/talk to lacrosse players we know that use the product. Learn More Test Drive Gear Try select new gear for up to 45 days. Comes standard with Draw pocket for unmatched softness and back pocket grip on the ball. If you click the links in this post, I may get a commission. WebSWAX LAX Lacrosse Training Ball - Same Size & Weight as Regulation Lacrosse Ball but Soft - Indoor Outdoor Practice Ball with Less Bounce & Reduced Rebounds 4.7 (1,877) 300+ bought in past month $1059 FREE delivery Mon, Apr 17 on $25 of items shipped by Amazon Or fastest delivery Thu, Apr 13 Small Business Gait Apex, strung with Flex Mesh, was built as the perfect midfielders lacrosse head and provides speed, control, balance and accuracy. Besides the number of stringing holes, you'll also want to make sure they are big enough for your stringing style. heads) is that it has a TON of sidewall holes, letting you customize your pocket to your play style. If your scoop is more angled/curved, you won't have to get the butt end of your shaft as low to the ground as you would if your scoop was completely flat. The new Gait Whip women's complete stick with Flex Mesh is a women's lacrosse head that finally not only allows you to have the largest front pocket, but also isnt super wide and flimsy resulting in a deceptive attackers dream stick! Smooth side of the mesh goes on the back of stick. The third version of the Tactik has a level 3 bottom rail that makes it great for a mid/low to mid/high pocketsomething that many middies prefer. WebThe best lacrosse heads in the game for Attack, Midfield and Defense live here at Universal Lacrosse. This guide goes over the best goalie heads on the market to help you find the right fit. It improved upon our previously top-ranked defense head in the Hammer 900 with its increased stiffness and shape retention thanks to improved EnduraForm plastic. Perfect for all positions, it is the quickest release head in Gait'sline making it ideal for feeders and quick shooters. It does take some time to break in, but once you do, it will flex in almost any way you want. The best men's lacrosse gear online. This head was built to last. If you ever have any feedback for any of the products listed on this page or have a recommended addition, please contact us and let us know! WebShop quality and affordable lacrosse equipment online for every type of player. Once youve found the gear that you need, rest easy knowing that all orders will be processed right away and that our customer service team can be reached at to answer any questions you may have. Pinched heads, especially towards the throat. Previously, high school heads could be narrower towards the throat but had to be wider towards the scoop, and vice-versa for college heads. Regarding the face shape, the ECD Impact is somewhere between the Eclipse 2 (little flair) and the Nemesis 3 and QS (a lot of flair). Warrior seems to have addressed this issue by adding more struts along the sidewall of the Nemesis 3. The Gait GSX 5.7 alloy attack men's lacrosse handle makes our Pro's smile. STX also doubled the amount of stringing holes for increased stringing customization. Te Gait Apex women's complete lacrosse stick strung with flex mesh is the perfect midfielders stick that is built for speed, control, balance and accuracy. Gait Apex, strung with Flex Mesh, was built as the perfect midfielders lacrosse head and provides speed, control, balance and accuracy. The Gait Apex and Gait Whip have become 2 of the top sticks on the market and were used by a huge number of players at the 2022 Women's Lacrosse World Championships. To come up with our ratings for each product, we test the product ourselves whenever possible, review product specifications (weight, number of stringing holes, etc. Starting with stiffness and weight, the ECD Impact is one of the lightest goalie heads on the market but maintains good stiffness even on hot days. The Apex is designed to be the perfect womens lacrosse head for middies. With that being said, it's not quite as stiff as some of the bulkier (and heavier) attack heads such as the ECD Rebel Offense. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. It's already one of the top choices among college midfielders throughout the nation.

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