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He is set to make his first physical appearance on the sequel series in the episode "The Promise".[9]. The story that people can find love in the darkest of places and times. Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images. Given that they both fight addiction, it could have been a mutually beneficial relationship of support. She helped the Vegas team track Nate Haskell against the orders of her supervisor. Szmanda portrayed the CSI tech for the entirety of originalCSIs 15-season run on CBS. After years of being baited with the Grissom/Sara will they, won't they question, many fans were outraged to find that Grissom had a romantic relationship with Sophia Curtis, a new detective brought into the show in season five. The two seem to share a good friendship and Nick also treats Morgan like a little sister. Greg makes no secret of his crush on Sara Sidle. Ya wacky kid." There were enough familiar faces to make me feel at home, and I was doing something I was very familiar with but had to adapt to a whole new set of surroundings, and I enjoyed every minute of it. calls back "It's a crime scene, not a date! I got to work with many of the same crew members from the original show. He admitted, "it would be nice to see Greg with someone at the end of the run," and "I hope we know that Greg is just satisfied in his life outside of his job. What can you tease about CSI: Vegas Season 2 Episode 18? In episode 9.03 "Art Imitates Life", co-worker David Hodges spots Greg in another room, speaking with a grief counselor who has been appointed to help the lab cope with their feelings regarding Warrick's death. Greg helped process the scene with no gloves and did not wear a warmer jacket during the cold night. The actor added, "All the action takes place outside the lab, and I wanted to experience more, so that happened and I couldn't be happier. Ecklie and Morgan's mother divorced when she was a child. She was also in the political drama The West Wing, her character portraying secret service agent Gina Toscano. His multi-episode guest stint will reunite him with his aforementioned former co-star Marg Helgenberger. The show had enough drama without petty triangles being introduced. Morgan smiles and they hug. International Australia Brazil Canada Espaa France (Greece) India Italia Brazil Canada Espaa France (Greece) India Italia Catherine also spent her last moments in Vegas before leaving for the F.B.I with Morgan passing words of wisdom to Morgan before Morgan leaves for work saying that they will do this again and it would be Morgan's turn to buy. Her first case on the team was a mass murder. This reference is from "Gum Drops" when he points out to Sara, "My dad used to take me sailing when I was a kid. She also occasionally gives him forensic advice, such as in the Season 5 episodes "No Humans Involved," when Greg was unsure how to recover a fingerprint, and "Snakes," when Greg is sent to assist her in a shooting. The take-down of Haskell had effects for both the LVPD and the LAPD, and it is insinuated that Brody was fired from the Crime Lab for involvement in the case. When Greg and Morgan search the alley, they're unable to locate Roger. As a result of Morgan's father and Hodges' mother seeing each other, Morgan and Hodges have formed a kind of step-sibling-like relationship. Greg's relationship with Warrick Brown is friendly with good natured goading and ribbing between the two on many occasions. Franchise vet (and current All Rise star) Marg Helgenberger is in talks to reprise her role as Catherine Willows. Russell, took notice of Greg's strong affection for Morgan. The honey moon period had lasted a good 3 months after the wedding, but after that the couple were ready to settle down and properly start their new life together. "Eric was barely legal when he first started on the show," she joked. CSI - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 7,976 - Reviews: 22 - Favs: 21 - Follows: 3 - Published: Aug 15, 2015 - Greg S., Morgan Brody - Complete Operation Cupid reviews However, there are several references in Room Service, where Greg says that Ecklie assigned him onto Warrick and Nick's case. When Eddie is finally gone, it's better for everyone, even if it still hurts Catherine. In "Bittersweet"; however, Morgan tells Greg that she is not interested in dating guys on the job, despite the flirtatious nature of their relationship. In an episode early in the 5th season, during which a shootout occurred at one of Greg's crime scenes, Warrick pays him a visit in the lab to see how he's doing. Ultimately, however, the actress opted to follow her longtime leading man out the door. Eric In this episode, Greg also celebrated over dinner with the female district attorney after his testimony at a jury trial helped put away a criminal. When he sees a body, he thinks it's Morgan but it isn't her. June 11, 2022 Posted by: what does dep prenotification from us treas 303 mean . In CSI Unplugged: They run into each other. We didn't get to work with each other on the first episode I was in. Jorja Fox - Now. In Ghosts of the Past: Greg reveals to Morgan that he used to be psychic at a young age. If you have any inquires, suggestions on topics you would like us to talk about, or just wanna chat about CSI . Greg walks up to her like he is going to, but whispers in her ear nope before walking off to examine the classroom. 'The bitter end.'" It creates conflict with the other CSIs, including Nick, who first encourages Greg to go out with her. It should also be noted that during the series, Greg is involved in a number of explosions. She was introduced to Greg Sanders by Nick who when all bashful and got his words mixed up. You can watch CSI: Vegas online anytime via TV Fanatic. RELATED: 10 Shows To Watch If You Like Fargo. It's been an incredible experience. CSI Greg and Morgan - YouTube 0:00 / 4:25 CSI Greg and Morgan 6,263 views Jul 28, 2013 29 Dislike Share Save PrincessJory 77 subscribers My CSI Crime Scene Investigation video on. In season 12, episode 10 ("Genetic Disorder"), while Greg was talking to genealogist Donna Hoppe, it was revealed that Greg's father's side of the family was from Harstad, Norway and that his mother's side was from Oslo, Norway. Greg was slightly jealous when Morgan was interested in handsome male model (played by Justin James Hughes) who is advertising chocolate. After the helicopter crashed, Morgan stumbled out of the debris to find the original victim still alive. She eventually moved to Los Angeles and became a CSI at the LAPD. Both Greg and the tourist survived and the team arrested the gang members, but a gang-member that Greg had run over died in surgery, which causes problems in later episodes. Despite this rocky start, Grissom seemed to develop a paternal fondness for Greg, evident by the Season Two episode "Chasing the Bus," where Grissom encourages Greg and denies that he "messed up" in the field. When he became a CSI, he was forced to choose between science or being a psychic; he chose science. When Sara called him out on it, he said, "I don't know what to do about this," and she replied, "I do you know by the time you figure it out, it really could be too late.". His surname Sanders in shortened from the Norwegian surname Sandersen. It also won the Academy Award for Best Picture. The two have shared a great bond since Morgan shown an interest in autopsies. At the start of the episode, Morgan and Greg were continuously flirting with each other and are arguing about Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I love Marg so much and am happy she's on the show. In Take the Money and Run: Greg checks on Morgan at the Tangiers, because she has been through a lot. Russell and he remained a fixture on CSI until the series finale. Aren't you going out with Greg?" to which Finn replies, "Really? csi greg and morgan engaged 25. Later in the episode Greg mentions that his great great grandfather Olaf Hojem VI was one of the leaders of the uprising against Swedish rule and that he helped convene the first Norwegian assembly and write the national constitution. There has been significant development of the Greg Sanders character throughout the seasons. The Sanders & Ecklie Families used to live in New York but their relatives still before Greg's family & Morgan & her mom moved to California from New York. Grissom, however, initially seemed to find Greg's bouncy attitude and loud music tiresome. In the Season Three episode "Precious Metal," Greg first concretely expressed a desire to move from the DNA lab to the field despite the decrease in salary that this would involve, a statement in response to which Grissom looked at Greg as if seeing him for the first time. Greg's subplot in this episode is comparable to that in Season Six episode "Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye," where he becomes fascinated by the biography of Lois O'Neil. !500 And Morgan tells Greg she can't get a hold of Banks, so Greg asks Morgan if she wants to do a welfare check and swing by her place. I've been away from the lab for a few years, and I missed it, and I'm going back to a new lab funded in part by Catherine Willows and going back to work with the team. It is revealed that Greg was a big fan of The X-Files because in the season 7 episode "Leapin' Lizards" he says that he "practically grew up on The X-Files". Ahead of the 2015 finale, Szmanda told Penn Live he didn't know what the writers had planned for Sanders. They are shown to have a close friendship from this point onwards. Although she had little contact with her father following her parents' divorce, Brody also became a Crime Scene Investigator, working for the SID in Los Angeles. Thank you. She says that she "came for him" despite his asking her to "process the scene now". Morgan and Hodges during an intense moment Relationship with David Hodges, Relationship with Sean Yeager: Sean & Morgan, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Morgan has the distinction of being the last person to speak to Catherine before she leaves the CSI team for the FBI (, Uses her step dad's surname, instead of Ecklie's (. He is also known for his many different hair styles and colors. Greg & Morgan (from CSI) miss you love 81Marteta 426 subscribers Subscribe 265 55K views 9 years ago Another video of Greg and Morgan from CSI Las Vegas. The character has often met with the disapproval of his supervisor Gil Grissom, due to listening to loud music such as Marilyn Manson while running lab machines and hiding porn magazines in some area cabinets. In "Precious Metal" it is also revealed that Greg likes supermodels, latex and Marilyn Manson. In Girls Gone Wild: Sara asks Morgan calls Greg about logo that the car hits Julie Finley. Yes, I remember that. marketing internship with music conglomerate BMG. When Greg Sanders and Nick Stokes stop the SUV Morgan entered, she isn't in there anymore. As young, knowledgeable, and occasionally flirty CSI Morgan Brody, Harnois' portrayal of the character has recaptured some of the early CSI magic as a somewhat new member to the CSI field who finds herself fascinated and intrigued by the world of forensic science. He also loves the history of Las Vegas, even publishing a book on the old days of mob run Las Vegas. Of note, his mentorship of the fledgling CSI can be seen in episode 4.15 "Early Rollout", where Warrick counsels Greg on his casual dress and his bad organization. Hank Peddigrew was an EMT that Sara Sidle dated, but his wrongness for her was apparent early on when he was repulsed by her smell after she'd been dealing with a decomposing body. Her reaction prompts him to quickly explain himself. She documented most of the evidence and even disobeyed her supervisor by sending private information to Catherine and Nick. I'm using my head, my hands, not so helpful" and he says "Maybe I have another idea for your hands." Some of whom I had worked with before, and others I'd never met before, and everyone was incredibly welcoming. ", Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information, Greg and Morgan's family names are Norweigans: Sanders & Ecklie. Morgan later volunteered to accompany a victim back to a hospital, to gather evidence during the journey. Jim Brass -- a seasoned detective who is a protector of CSI -- Dr. Al Robbins -- medical examiner -- and quirky lab technician David Hodges.. Greg seemed deeply concerned for Morgan's safety, more so than the rest of the team. "I had a lot of fun. All Rights Reserved. Follow her on Twitter. What's sort of hilarious is that Sara and Grissom have a dog named Hank on the show, who is played by Bruno, William Petersen's dog. After a particularly strange case, it is revealed Greg didn't lose his virginity until he was 22, a fact that Mia, a lab tech, points out to him, saying she heard it from Sara. During her debut appearance, Morgan works with the CSIs to track Nate Haskell, an escaped serial killer, in Los Angeles. They proceeded to hide from the approaching mobsters, and the victim gave Brody back her gun to defend herself. Szmanda's Instagram page provides updates for the actor's fans now and then as well. We've had Catherine. In the next episode, she wants to pretend as if it never happened and Hodges apparently agrees. If you look carefully, an engagement ring can be spotted on her left ring finger. Greg often exposes random bits of trivia about Vegas's past at various crime scenes such as discussing the history of Vegas's first racially integrated casino with Nick in "Young Man With A Horn". Greg finds himself getting shot at after the woman calls him from a diner. Morgan's closest relationships seem to be with her partner, Greg Sanders (each with their own seperate relationship pages linked below)and David Hodges. TV Fanatic chatted with him about his comeback, how he's interacting with everyone, and how long he's sticking around. Although friends and family told him that science was for geeks, Greg knew from a young age that he wanted to become a scientist. The television/film actor joined the CBS series in Season 12, shortly after Laurence Fishburne left, in the role of D.B. Conrad Ecklie and Greg come into little or no visible contact. There was no doubt in my mind, by the time they offered me the role, that the show [, CSI Laboratory Technician Gregory 'Greg' Sanders, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Season 15: All Dolled Up, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Deadly Intent, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Hard Evidence, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Dark Motives. His book is mentioned again in the episode "Cockroaches", Greg stated he had been researching Mob bosses from Vegas' past; one boss he had come across in his research owned a waste management company and an old garbage truck from this company was used in a Mob-related murder case. It's great to see you on CSI: Vegas. Following "Fannysmackin'," Grissom sees that Greg is mortified that his actions may have disappointed Grissom, but is immensely relieved when, in "Post Mortem," he tells Greg that he did 'a good job'. Wait. With Ted Danson, Elisabeth Shue, George Eads, Jorja Fox. The daughter of Conrad Ecklie, Morgan was brought up with her mother and step-father (whose name she later adopted) in Los Angeles. Relationship with D.B. In "The Grave Shift", Greg and Riley are invited by Nick to share office space with him, after he accepts an offer to have Grissom's old office. When a "rookie" CSI, Ronnie Lake joins the team, Greg is relieved at not being the new kid anymore and even goes so far as to help Sara and Ronnie with a case when he is off the clock. During her first year in L.A., she worked fraud cases. They even used a form of code between each other to indicate when there was trouble, which is done by them swapping last names in conversations in the presence of suspects (who are usually none the wiser). Once they get there they meet CSI Banks son, and Greg goes into protective mode to make sure Morgan is safe. Many snicker that it's an inside joke, and that Gil named his dog after the EMT to make the name belong to a literal dog as well. By vietnamese refugee documentaryvietnamese refugee documentary D.B comforted Conrad as a friend after telling him Morgan's helicopter got hijacked and saying Morgan is part of his team and his responsibility and D.B. also teases her on numerous occasions about Greg's romantic interest in Morgan and suspicions that she recuperates, once saying "You can take boyfriend Greg with you." His mother's side was from Oslo, Norway. This was an opportunity Szmanda had dreamed of since he was a teenager doing community theater in Wisconsin. Although Greg has a good working relationship with Detective Captain Jim Brass, Brass likes to take the opportunity to pick on the "new guy": in Viva Las Vegas, he says to Grissom, "Oh, hello Grissom. Back in June, then-CBS Entertainment chief Kelly Kahl said that despite kicking off last year with just 10 episodes, CSI: Vegas is not by design a short-season series. After Greg leaves to continue searching, Morgan is alerted to multiple footsteps. Greg shows great interest in the historical aspect of Las Vegas, and in Season Eight episode "The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp", it was revealed that he is writing a book on the "untold stories of Vegas". Eric Szmanda is an American actor best known for his role of forensic While CSI: Crime Scene Investigation had enough drama between burglaries, violent crimes and just about every employee being framed, abducted or offed during the show's run, writers opted to add in more drama with a few relationships. He has often encouraged Greg in the field, and has been seen giving Greg some of his first CSI experiences and tips; Greg took his notes in the episode "Chasing the Bus", and in "Scuba Doobie-Doo", he sought Greg's advice concerning a dead diver due to Greg's own experience as a SCUBA diver, much to Catherine's annoyance, as she was the one working with him on the case. Russell decided to move on from his post in Vegas to go to Quantico (for the spin-off CSI: Cyber ), and he packed a . He moved to LA at the age of 19 to study acting He runs to her side and took the gun from her trembling hand. In Bittersweet: Morgan's and Greg's first case together alone and it was revealed that Morgan isn't sure in dating a co-worker as Greg trying to look his best to impress Morgan. Newsletters. Another one of the best BFF relationships on the show, Nick Stokes and Warrick Brown's relationship was among the best on TV prior to Warrick's demise. Gregory Hojem Sanders is a fictional character portrayed by Eric Szmanda on the CBS crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and its sequel, CSI: Vegas. In The Book of Shadows: Greg and Morgan investigate the death of a chemistry teacher when his experiment goes awry. After Morgan lost her job and moved to Las Vegas, she quickly became a strong member of the team. He believes that he inherited his ability from his Grandma Olaf. In episode 9.01 "For Warrick", Greg is noticeably distraught over Warrick's murder and assists Sara in helping plan the funeral and investigate the shooting. even calls Morgan "Kiddo" a few occasions and D.B comforted Morgan after finding her in CSI Down. tells him to go help Morgan on a case and meet her at a motel. What CSI Star Eric Szmanda Is Doing Today. Greg sits beside Morgan's dad (Conrad Ecklie) at the church for Nancy Brass' funeral because Morgan is still in Hospital. She gets into a fight with him, which is ended by Ellie killing him - and then shooting her. Greg decides to coax him into giving him to David, while telling him "He's in a better place" and that he'll "Take care of him I promise", he reluctantly agrees. Their friendly banter, bets on the cases they worked on and hilarious comments made them a joy to watch. "Alright," Morgan gave in. Greg is mentioned in CSI: Vegas as having left CSI prior to Chris Park joining and that he messaged Chris about his video regarding a case (that neither were a part of) ("Eyeballs"). "So I've had a special spot in my heart for 'The Nerd.'". However, he also contradicts his scientific training and believes in occultism, stating that one could have paranormal beliefs and also be a scientist, something with which Grissom agrees. He graduated in 1996 Article continues below advertisement In the final moments of the finale, D.B. In Ghosts of the Past: Greg reveals to Morgan that he used to be psychic at a young age. at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. In Fannysmackin', Sara stays with Greg and comforts him before he is taken to hospital. Post author: Post published: 22/06/2022 Post category: monroeville accident today Post comments: opengl draw triangle mesh opengl draw triangle mesh In "The Ultimate CSI" Greg is said to have been an extremely intelligent child prodigy. A case from Greg's book come back to haunt him, and Morgan may be the only one who can save him. Russell: The two seem to have a father and daughter bond since D.B is a good friend of Morgan's biological father Conrad Ecklie. He tells Catherine that they ought to help Sara because she was "always there for them". CSI: Vegas: Eric Szmanda Talks Greg's Return, Reuniting With Marg Helgenberger, and How Long He's Staying Laura Nowak at April 13, 2023 11:00 am. Some managed to do both. It is hinted that Greg Sanders may have reciprocated romantic feelings with Morgan. While Grissom and Sara are one of the cutest couples in CSI, there's a lot to not like about their relationship over the years. There was no pitch. She has been over to Greg's apartment, and in one episode she tells Sara "who hasn't been to Greg's place". Greg is Morgan's Secret Santa. In Buzz Kill: Greg & Morgan are working on the van is actually blue by paint. Laura Nowak is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Wow, that makes me very happy and inspires me to do my best job. He called family services on his ex because she didn't pick up their daughter from a class one time, which many parents do once or twice in their lives. In 73 Seconds: Greg was introduced to Morgan by Nick and Greg was slightly flirty towards Morgan but their conversation lead to an awkward pause. In Homecoming the two were forced to come with their parents' date and Hodges even admits Morgan is good friend and Hodges will do Morgan's evidence first in his trace lab for a year. Greg accepts the apology, only to add that it was unnecessary because he understands how crazy everything sounded. So, he jumped at the opportunity. In Risky Business Class: Donna Hoppe says that Greg and Morgan are really cute together. In "Empty Eyes" Grissom informs Greg that the city of Las Vegas has settled the civil suit with the family, which has received millions. The more time that went on, I felt I needed to do this. Eric Szmanda is an American actor best known for his role of forensic investigator "Greg Sanders" on "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation". Greg expressed his anger on the hijacker's daughter when she set her father up to trap and sent a gang after them. She still dated him through season three until it was discovered that Hank had been dating another woman at the same time without telling Sidle. ", In addition, Szmanda returned to stage work, starring in "The Nerd" at Pennsylvania's Totem Pole Theater shortly before the "CSI" finale aired, detailed Penn Live. Well, let's keep our fingers crossed, and, in the meantime, if people want more, Greg Sanders, I suggest they go to my Instagram page, where I've been posting some of my favorite scenes from the show and just sharing some of my favorite photos and moments and even some current ones too. Finn hangs up the phone, embarrassed, and explains the situation to Morgan but Morgan says, "Don't be embarrassed. So, what can we look forward to for the rest of the season for Greg? They helped us solve a double homicide, they gave their lives to science, About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us, CSI: Vegas: Eric Szmanda Talks Gregs Return, Reuniting With Marg Helgenberger, and How Long Hes Staying. How was that? Moreover, Greg indicates that they were prone to excessive responses to even minor injuries, such as one instance where they took him to an emergency room for a bloody nose. She grew up with her mother as she has a strained relationship with her biological father, She claims a month ago she sat down with her dad (, Morgan was 14 years old when her parents had separated (, Catherine hasn't seen Morgan since she was a little girl (, It is possible she got fired at the LA Crime Lab after going against her supervisor's orders and helping the Vegas Team track down Nate Haskell in, She used LVPDCSI.COM to send evidence to the Vegas team (, She seems to enjoy autopsies and claims to always be early to them (. Russell that she already likes Morgan after just meeting on her first day in Stealing Home. Greg is of Norwegian descent, which was revealed in season 3, episode 3 ("Let the Seller Beware"): His heritage was referenced again in season 5, episode 5 ("Swap Meet"): While Greg fondly refers to his grandparents and his mother, his father has only once been mentioned, although not in the season seven episode "Fannysmackin'", after Greg is beaten by a gang after trying to save a man's life. and moved to Chicago to take a full time job in the music business. Several of the original show's stars are returning, such as William Petersen (Gil Grissom), Jorja Fox, and Wallace Langham (David Hodges). She is the daughter of Conrad Ecklie. Ecklie gave her a job on the night shift under D.B. She is found with a weak pulse and taken to hospital, where she regains consciousness after surgery. In the last episode of the season, Skin in the Game,Morgan suggests going undercover to get the abductor and serial killer of the missing women. The depth of their relationship was also more visible when one or the other was in danger, such as when Nick was kidnapped and buried alive in season five's "Grave Danger."

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