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As Qianlong Emperor's half-younger brother and initially another member in the line of succession, he chose to let his other brother ascend to the throne instead. "Double Shadow ()" (Theme song (Ending theme episode 47 onwards)), "Incense & Fleeting Years ()" (Opening theme song (episode 146)), "Like the Fragrance of Plum Blossoms We Once Knew ()" (Ending theme song (episode 138, 4046)), "Things stay the same, but people have changed ()" (Opening theme (episode 47 onwards)), "Worries ()" (Ending theme song (episode 39 only)), Golden Bud The Third Network Film And Television Festival, Influence of Recreational Responsibilities Awards. Language: Qianlong Emperor eventually realizes the error of his ways and attempts to reconcile with Ruyi until her death. The First Prince of Qianlong Emperor and Imperial Noble Consort Zhemin's only son. Whatever, it doesnt make you any less of a queen. [50], Wu Xuelan, also known as Liu Lianzi, started to write the original novel in 2011, and changed her work several times to achieve the best version in the next five years. Observant and kind-hearted, Suoxin remained loyal to Ruyi and became her Senior Maid after their stay at The Cold Palace, replacing Concubine Shen's former position. Xin Zhilei as the scheming Consort Jia in the Chinese historical drama 'Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace'. He is killed under orders of Noble Consort Yu as a means to appease Qianlong Emperor and stop the rumors from further hurting Ruyi. Royal and noble ranks of the Qing dynasty,, hiyooungga yongsonggo yongkiyaha hwangheo, This page was last edited on 1 May 2023, at 03:31. She passed away at age 37, probably from sickness. She ultimately takes the blame for harming Ruyi's children and is forced to commit suicide as punishment. She serves as the messenger that helped Ruyi expose Consort Ling's actions to Qianlong Emperor. Sensitive and intelligent, he becomes Qianlong's favorite son and was adopted by Ruyi, but began distancing himself from her after hearing rumors and accusations so as to not incur Qianlong's wrath and lose favor so that he can help his foster mother when appropriate. It is revealed that then-Consort Xi now Dowager Empress disclosed this information as a means of making Qianlong Emperor succeed the Yongzheng Emperor instead. However, Khan Dorza was killed and his position was usurped by Khan Dawachi, who forced Qianlong to give High Princess Duanshu's hand in marriage in order to maintain peace and possibly prevent her from being mistreated horribly. A greedy man, he was manipulated by Consort Ling into framing his aunt for harming Ruyi's children. As Qianlong Emperor's half-older brother and initially the successor to the throne, he lost favor after he was caught usurping the throne from the Yongzheng Emperor. He is shown to have a soft spot for Ruyi due to her being Empress Xiaojing's niece. ", "Asian Academy Creative Awards 2019 winners", "Fox Networks Boards Chinese Series 'Ruyi's Love in the Palace', "Fox Networks Group Asia acquires exclusive rights to Ruyi's Love in the Palace",, Television series set in the Qing dynasty, CS1 Chinese (Hong Kong)-language sources (zh-hk), CS1 Chinese (China)-language sources (zh-cn), Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Chinese-language text, Articles containing simplified Chinese-language text, Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0. Before Ruyi's death, Dowager Empress arranged him to live with her for his safety. A younger-half sister of Qianlong Emperor, she was initially married to Khan Dorza and became High Princess of Dzungar Khanate. Loyal and empathetic, he initially wanted to work with Consort Ling to better both their lives and hopefully get married together soon after. He loses his place in the succession while Empress Xiaojin loses her status as Empress. It explains why they meddled in politics and often used their influence to help their own families. However, Qianlong Emperor knew that she was a spy and secretly gave her medicine to prevent her from bearing healthy children from him. She is sometimes referred to as Hailan by Ruyi. Qingying was chosen to be one of Hongli's secondary wives ( ce'fujin) , and falls in love with him at first sight. On 12 March 1775, she was posthumously granted the title "Imperial Noble Consort Lingyi", and on 19 November, she was interred in the Yu Mausoleum of the Eastern Qing tombs after a grand funeral far more regal than that of an Imperial Noble Consort. He was the one who gave the order from Qianlong Emperor to erase records of Ruyi. Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: 11 Real Yanxi Palace Facts For Obsessed Fans Who Need To Know Everything About The 70-Episode TV Series, 10 Korean Shows On Netflix & Other Streaming Sites With Shockingly Explicit Sex Scenes, 12 Hotels With Hourly Rates From ~$9/Hour, Suitable For Short Naps, Quickies Or One Night Stands, I Dated Men My Whole Life, Until I Fell In Love With My Female BFF At 35 & Got Married, 9 Female OnlyFans Creators In Singapore: Subscription Prices, Content Info & Other Personal Hobbies, 4 Sensual Couple Massages At Spas In Bali To Spice Up Your Next Romantic Getaway. Despite having a good relationship with the Step Empress, Consort Ling manipulated her desire to gain favor and her penmanship skills to further separate Qianlong Emperor from Ruyi and lose custody of Prince Yongji. All Rights Reserved. As punishment for spreading the rumor, she was tortured and put under house arrest. from the Imperial Court as a means to set her free. Prince Yongxuan Prince Yi of the First Rank. The ending sequence states that no woman from Ula-Nara ever entered the Imperial Harem again after Ruyi's death. #1 Step Empress: Ulanara Ruyi (Ruyi) VS Hoifanara Shushen (Yanxi Palace). Many viewers agree that Ruyi bears many characteristics of a modern female. Straightforward and good-natured, she keeps to herself and believes that her love is reciprocated and fell in love with Qianlong Emperor at first sight. Madame Na occasionally visits her daughter. She was 16 years his junior. He loses favor with Qianlong Emperor after the death of Empress Fuca alongside Prince Yonghuang. A maid of Ruyi, later sent to serve Noble Consort Yu. An imperial physician and Ruyi's most trusted doctor. The story follows Step Empress Nara and her life during the Qianlong Emperor's reign as his consort until her death. Honored Consort Ling and Consort Rong. Attractive and venerated by the public, Consort Jia orchestrated a rumor that he and Ruyi were having an affair by planting false evidence. However, due to her desires to rise in rank and manipulation caused by the women in the Imperial Harem for their own agenda and out of suspicion, Wei is mistreated by them and various servants. Despite their partnership, Consort Ling ultimately betrays and kills him in the end. Prince Yongji was given a final letter from his mother, which Qianlong Emperor told him to cherish. Until the end of her life, she served as her confidant alongside Noble Consort Yu. He was Consort Ling's first love and eventually Miaoqian's husband. Despite her end, her youngest son was named heir and became Jiaqing Emperor. Ruyi and Qianlong Emperor's relationship went into further decline. Her relationship with Emperor Qianlong (Wallace Huo) becomes eroded even when Ruyi is able to overcome the challenges. She also hates Consort Ling and stays loyal to Ruyi. She was chosen by Consort Jia due to her connections with the royal family and as a means to strengthen Prince Yongcheng's succession to the throne. She dislikes Consort Ling due to her actions against Ruyi. [58], The series has also received criticism over the age of the leading performers, with viewers saying they made unconvincing teenagers, and criticized the series' producers for not using younger actors to portray the lovestruck teens. His personal decision to be adopted by Ruyi caused jealousy from Empress Fuca and Imperial Noble Consort Hui. I didn't say anything more. She was born to a Han Bondservant class, which meant that she was as unroyal as Meghan Markle by birth. Personal maid of Imperial Noble Consort Hui. In "Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace", Consort Ling is a villain with a sweet mouth and a sword. Personal maid of Imperial Noble Consort Chen. She also helps escorts new members of the Imperial Harem and act as a liaison between him and others within the Imperial Court. She is eventually promoted to Step Empress but her relationship between her and Qianlong Emperor eventually deteriorated as time passed. Ambitious and hardworking, she initially didn't want to be involved with the Imperial Harem or its politics but instead establish a life with Ling Yungche. (Inspired by the song Metamorphosis by Leeandlie.) In order to ensure that she continues to thrive in the Imperial Court, she places concubines that are subservient to her by Qianlong Emperor's side and manipulates some consorts like Ruyi to influence him. Head Eunuch of the Internal Affairs Department. Due to her involvement with the Ula-Nara clan and her reputation as Qianlong Emperor's most favored wife and childhood friend, Consort Xian is initially not well received in the Imperial Harem and Imperial Family. She fell from further favor as Ruyi began clashing with Qianlong Emperor and siding with the former. [63] CNN and other media outlets quickly reported on this incident, calling it Chinese censorship. Due to the actions of her father, she is well-liked by Qianlong Emperor but hated by Empress Dowager due to Hui's father role in having Empress Dowager's daughter married off against her wishes. When his mother returned to live with the Imperial Family, he came along with her. Ruyi blamed herself for his death and was almost caught secretly burned Joshi paper in remembrance of him. Our donation form is currently experiencing some technical difficulties. Empress Xiaoyichun (23 October 1727 28 February 1775), of the Manchu Bordered Yellow Banner Weigiya clan, was a consort of the Qianlong Emperor. Under Consort Ling's orders, she masterminded a scathing rumor about Ruyi and Ling Yunche having an affair. She first greeted Consort Rong and tried to make her comfortable in her new home. Though she's always scheming against Empress Fuca Rongyin in Yanxi Palace, *spoilers ahead! One year later, on 31 August 1757, she gave birth to the 14th son, Yonglu, who would die prematurely on 3 May 1760, and on 17 August 1758 to the ninth daughter, Princess Heke. Aug 20, 2018. Being jealous, the emperor was very important to him, and he also showed that he was virtuous and virtuous. On 13 November 1760, she gave birth to the emperor's 15th son, Yongyan, and on 13 January 1763 to his 16th son, who would die prematurely on 6 May 1765. Crown Prince of Joseon and future King of Joseon. Noble Lady Yi committed suicide soon after. Although she is witty and intelligence, her forthright personality is often considered disrespectful, especially in a place which values propriety and restraint. Palace maid Palace maid of Consort Chun Palace Maid of the Royal Garden Palace Maid of Consort Jia Palace Maid of the Yangxin Palace Second Class Female Attendant Wei () First Class Female Attendant Wei () Noble Lady Ling () Concubine Ling () Consort Ling () Second Class Female Attendant Wei Concubine Ling Consort Ling Noble Consort Ling () Imperial Noble Consort Ling () Imperial Noble Consort Lingyi (, posthumous). [citation needed] Critics agree that the drama introduces a new light to and narrative of palace dramas, deviating from the existing patterns of treacherous harem games. The right picture shows the authentic pieces from the Palace Museum. [64][65], On 10 June 2016, Fox Networks Group Asia (FNG) acquired global rights outside mainland China to the series. Later, her cruelty was exposed by Ruyi's faction, and Qianlong fed her poison every day. [1][2] It aired on Tencent Video starting 20 August to 15 October 2018;[3] during which it was streamed more than 18,9 billion times. Suoxin was a part of Ruyi's funeral when she died, burning Joshi paper alongside Lingzhi and San Bao. Gurl, all you need is a big headdress and some shiny finger guards and you can rock Yanxi Palace like Cardi B at fashion week. Ruyi is the second empress ( ulanara ), and wei yingluo is the third empress ( but not officially designated by the emperor, it was her son who gave her that title after her death ), in ruyi's show, it was actually the emperor and the empress dowager who poisoned consort ling because they thought she was bad influence on her son ( the next emperor ) Compared with Ruyi in Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace, Consort Ling can be said to be more skillful in making trouble. Can the Ministry of Education invest in the artistry, storytelling and craft so we care about Chinese, History and Chinese History again? While he is talented and politically capable, he is revealed to be insecure and selfish as time passes. As for the real Consort Ling, it was unknown if she was a maid. At the end of her life, she was granted the title Imperial Noble Consort but died from illness before her ceremony. Her sons were taken out of the line of succession soon after. Her death caused Consort Jia to spiral further down into mental decline and ultimately her downfall. Formerly the concubine of then-Fourth Prince and eventually promoted as Imperial Noble Consort Hui. He was tasked to send Ruyi out of the Imperial Court but allowed her to linger behind in order to see her aunt before she leaves. Formerly a personal attendant of Imperial Noble Consort Chun, he was moved to work in the Study Room and ultimately served as Prince Yongji's personal attendant. Cunning and loyal, he is childhood friends with Suoxin and Doctor Jiang Yubin. As a painter, he is known to paint portraits for Qianlong Emperor and his consorts. Prince Yongji was suspected to be a product of an alleged affair between Ruyi and Ling Yunche, causing further strain on Ruyi's relationship with Qianlong Emperor and Ling Yunche to be castrated. As a result, Empress Xiaojin was arrested and the Ula-Nara clan's reputation was compromised. Airs Monday to Friday at 18:0018:58. Hongli was forced to make Yongyan (Consort Ling's son) the future Emperor, because he was the ONLY capable candidate. A favored concubine of Qianlong Emperor from Joseon that rose and fell in rank over the years but became known as Consort Jia. Burger Making A Comeback, These Jelly Lipsticks Have Heart-Shaped Bullets & Cute Floral Packaging In Soothing Tones. Consort Rong's first love and late fianc. In 2018, he would be your emo kid with green hair making weird artworks that only he gets, but with a royal pedigree. A yueqin player, Concubine Mei was the first of many spies sent by Dowager Empress as a means of controlling the Imperial Harem herself. #2 Consort Ling: Wei Yanwan (Ruyi) VS Wei Ying Luo (Yanxi Palace) Wei Ying Luo (right), our quick witted, bold and just protagonist in Yanxi Palace entered the palace as a seamstress to find out the truth behind her sister's death and eventually becomes the Emperor's woman known as Consort Ling. A famous courtesan favored by Qianlong Emperor during his trip. In a parallel universe in Ruyi, she's just another antagonist who was reduced to a palace maid after her father's treason butrise up the ranksagain, eventuallybecoming Consort Ling. [61], On January 25, 2019 the Beijing Daily, an official government newspaper, criticized the program for failing to promote socialist values. In addition, Consort Ling gave birth to six children for Qianlong in ten years. [60] The drama won acclaim for its exquisite props, lavish sets, and stellar cast. You might be comforted to know that the Manchu rule in Qing dynasty banned women from binding their feet. Initially recommended to be the next Empress to succeed Empress Fuca, she fell out of favor but remained an important figure of the Imperial Harem when Ruyi became Step Empress. Initially chosen to be part of a marriage alliance to Septeng Baljur, Dowager Empress made Ruyi convince Qianlong Emperor to use his oldest daughter Princess Jingse instead. Looks like princesses only have happy endings in Disney movies. Arrogant, defiant, and another descendant of Mongolian royalty, she quickly became favored by Qianlong Emperor due to her use of aphrodisiacs and as a means of leaking political messages to her own tribe. Eventually, he was able to arrest Khan Dawachi and take Grand Princess back to her mother after finally taking him down. Originally siding with Consort Jia, she ended up being close to Consort Ying. A disgraced criminal, Zuolu was brought in by Noble Consort Yu as a witness to Consort Ling's crimes. She also did not disclose her sickness and dies soon after. After Empress Xiaojing's suicide, it was resported that Xiuxia also committed suicide afterwards. All Rights Reserved 2016 - 2018 Zula Pte Ltd. 12 Sakura Spots In Singapore With Pretty Pink & White Trumpet Flowers That Remind Us Of Japan, 9 Sakura-Themed Experiences In Singapore In 2023 To Pretend Youre In Japan Or Korea, Avenue On 3: New Luxury Multi-Label Boutique In Singapore With Shoes, Bags, Cafe, Champagne Bar & More. The series received mixed responses from viewers. Her marriage was null by Qianlong Emperor after exposing her husband's true nature. Childhood friends with Qianlong Emperor, she was initilally chosen to be his first wife before her family's position in the Imperial Family was compromised. Empress Nara died on 19 August 1766 and the emperor did not designate a new empress. His actions infuriated Qianlong Emperor and he is killed under the guise of an accidental drowning. As a result, he was initially considered to be next in line to the throne. Seven of his sons were living at the time, but he decided to choose Yongyan, who was not outstanding, but was hardworking and humble. Despite becoming infertile, Consort Rong was promoted and remained a favored Consort. Download GirlStyle APP now for more female lifestyle content! [citation needed], Shooting began on 23 August 2016 and took place in various locations including Hengdian World Studios, Beijing, Inner Mongolia, and Hangzhou. Her eldest surviving son became the Jiaqing Emperor . (With the help of her best friend Hailan.) Cameo by the original author, most of Liulianzi's scenes were deleted from the final cut. She is even given a new residence by Hongli as compensation for the times she suffered in the Cold Palace. Though Chermaine Sheh'scharacter wasn't the female lead in the drama, the same character played by Zhou Xun in Ruyi is. He often assists Ruyi and Suoxin while they were in The Cold Palace and during Ruyi's rise as Empress. | Privacy Policy, Singapore's No.1 Female Lifestyle & Beauty Media. He exudedthe charmof Qianlong (based on recorded history), was a filial son and a no-nonsense monarch. She sides with Consort Ling. Yonghuang's primary wife and a distant relative of Imperial Noble Consort Chun. Consort Ling is one of Qianlong Emperor's favorite women. We love to see villains get punished and that is why this genre works. Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace (2018) - Full Cast & Crew - MyDramaList Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace (2018) Details Episode Guide Cast & Crew Reviews Recommendations Photos Edit this Page Director Wang Jun Cheng Yuan Hai Screenwriter Wu Xue Lan Main Role Zhou Xun Ulanara Ruyi Main Role Wallace Huo Emperor Qianlong Main Role Janine Chang Lady Wei was born on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month in the fifth year of the reign of the Yongzheng Emperor, which translates to 23 October 1727 in the Gregorian calendar. An Uyghur princess promoted to be Consort Rong. A concubine from Yongzheng Emperor's reign who was banished to the Cold Palace. On 9 February 1796, the Qianlong Emperor abdicated and became a retired emperor. History records her as having learnt from the Empress, without specifics.

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