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Todo bien o qu? This is what Colombian parents say to their chinos when they misbehave. Papi, necesito plata! 20 lucasis 20 Colombian Pesos. Im so sorry! Just as youd use shit! when you narrowly miss a car crash or when you drop that tasty arepa on the floor you were waiting to eat all week, replace it with mierda for the same dramatic effect and cathartic result of mourning your poor food. After the Madrigals were forced to flee Some Colombians only usepaisato describe people from this region. The same works for juemadre. The verb tocar has two translations, to touch or to play (as in play an instrument). Definition/Meaning: Dummy, dumbass, idiot. Weird Words Esa pola me prendi. WebPaisa Phrases For Friends. ero can be someone who lives in the streets, ragged and dirty, usually a homeless person. In Argentina they say pelotudo, which is essentially the same remark. Today I walked the entire city, and now Im exhausted. Marica is an offensive word to refer to homosexuals. . If you are planning on traveling to Colombia, be sure to write each of these phrases and example sentences down in a notebook. Fiery Remarks Ex. WebColombians are not afraid to move and express themselves. Everything youd ever need to know about Spanish curse wordsfrom a gringo with a dirty, dirty mouth. WebColombian Slang Words from the Andes Part 1: The Bogot Cachacos The Andes Mountains take up the central part of the country. Por si las moscas literally means for if the flies. While it sounds a bit strange, this phrase translates to just in case.. Examples: Maana te caigo por la tarde. Finally, objects can also be malparido, even if they werent born. WebGet ready to impress your Colombian friends or family with this list of 30 essential slang words and expressions. The square is full of kids.. Its a common phrase throughout Colombia, too. Mira a este Gonorrea. Quiubo is a contraction of quhubo (whats been going on?). Pay attention to me! Call our daughter. A good way to get to know it can be through your traditions, or your gastronomy, or also its art. Hilariously, Chileans use this for two purposes calling someone a jerk and referring to a dear friend. Pillar is a verb that literally means to catch. In Colombian Spanish, it is used more in the sense of to see or to get. S pilla? Hangovered. Pasa a la pieza, por favor Pass to the bedroom, please. It was a wise (sensible) decision to stay in college. Learning Spanish becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. YesterdayI ate something so delicious, but I dont know what it was. We tell you all about the Mushrooms of Seville, an unmissable place in the Spanish city, Delight yourself in one of these 8 rooftop bars in Buenos Aires, 9 activities to do in Benidorm, one of the most beautiful cities in the Valencian Community. Big on beaches, rumba, and rum. In English I think we can agree that, to be lit, expresses a state of being tipsy. Youll hear pendejo all over Latin America. he dialect may be clear, the slang is all kinds of colorful. Mira a esa mujer, qu loba con ese traje Look at that woman, so tacky with that outfit. Mircoles! Vendors will repeat this phrase to grab your attention, in hopes that youll purchase something. I dont want to let them take advantage of me. in reply to carolkna and colombian man, i think it matters which generation you are from.. the younger people definitely do use gonorrea to mean something cool or amazing.. its similar to in EEUU, older people use sick to mean disgusting or bad.. younger people use sick to mean the opposite. If you take a light bulb, unfoco,and punch its lights out, what do you get? And it can either be a negative or positive remark. They leave it as is. The beer doesnt exist anymore, but the name stuck. Whats up, dude? Of course, the government was supposed to do it. How long have you been in Colombia? Qu gonorrea de pelcula, can be that movie sucks, but also that movie was ammaaaizing. I've lived in Latin America for almost a decade. The name comes from a famous salsa club in Cali calledChang. This word is used to refer to people who tell on their friends or people in general. Guaranteed to make you able to make the most foul-mouthed and hardened abuelita blush, or you get your money back. Check out this handy list of the 20 most common Colombian phrases and learn to talk like a local! Todo bien? Colombia isnt the exception, its a country with many colloquial expressions and some of them are curse words. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Join 559 million people on the planet who speak Spanish!Sign up for your free trial Spanish class today. Examples: Hgale de una. One can also become a perra by bitching out of fun things friends propose, like bungee jumping or doing 10 shots of tequila in a row. Com esa sopa, pero ahora me siento maluco I ate that soup, but now I feel sick. Car got keyed by a crazy ex? Unlike other Colombian rudeness or Colombian words to insult, this one is part of the RAE dictionary and defines it as that, person who lives or eats at someone elses expense. ! Reglame un chorro de ese guaro. Necesito hacer chich. Bad The login page will open in a new tab. WebHeres a list of Colombian slang and colloquialisms you can add to your conversations to help you sound like a real paisa. Set aside money for when they come to collect the extortion. Examples: Qu pena con usted! Colombias reputation in the past has been quite negative thanks to the drug trade. A synonym for this word that is part of the funny Colombian insults could be sonso. I was there last summer and nothing is like when your aunt starts a sentence with "Ay Marica" which means "eh Faggot". I have a B.A. Wed love to hear from you! Speak cleanly and throw in slang wherever it will add flavor and meaning to your sentences: thats the way to sound like true paisa. She saw what happened, right? They dont pluralize it. Go ahead, its all good. If youre being constantly referred to as an ojete well, you probably are. Typically, if used on someone, it is meant to call them a moron or imbecile. Ojo, parce. German is a disgusting person, Ese boxeador es mucha gonorrea, nadie le gana 13. Billete Gucala! FluentU is another online language learning program which lets you hear native Spanish from all over the world, including the Colombian variety. Look at this dude. 39. Claudia es una piroba Pronunciation: noh ais-tays dahn-doh pah-pie-oh. Its like saying, mother lover, instead of bleep, bleep.. Always keep it with you to remind you to practice and listen for each phrase. Ill drop by in an hour with your change. 1. It came from the gevas, that is, from the testicles, which has given that name because its similarity with eggs. Mis chinos siempre se comportan mal. Colombians like to Nope! Originally, Its definition was a person who came from a rich family. Something so cheap, dull, useless. Ests amaado aqu? A cab driver will post up to you, shouting it. Mierda! is literally the same as our shit! in every way, shape, and form. Examples: Mira a los nios trabajando en sus tareas, muy juiciosos. Chiviado The motherfucker of the South. Required fields are marked *. No le puedo decir la verdad. With just a little effort and some study, youll be speaking Spanish like a local in no time. Ive been very sensible with all my responsibilities. Tan joven y ya est desentejado, (So young and hes already lost his hair). Enguayabado: adj. The cops are coming. No dar papaya doesnt mean anything like what it looks like. Here, is used to refer to a person who wants to show himself a lot, who pretends to be much more than he is. Ill drop by tomorrow afternoon. Dej de ver el telfono y parme bola. You dont know what? Ese camello me cansa. This Spanish curse word/phrase is pretty versatile. Desentejado: adj. Cursing is an art-form in itself, and no language better expressed frustration than ole Spanish. Examples: Oigan a este! 2. Pseme unas polas, pues parce! FluentU brings Spanish to life with real-world videos. Its pretty mild though, that you can just as easily find yourself on the right side of a pelotudo friends commonly use it to refer to each other without any intention of insulting the receiver. Well use examples where its needed. Its time to dig into the details and check out some country-by-country Spanish sweat words: Definition/Meaning: Fuck it, that, you. Literally meaning a shitter, as someone who shits themselves when the going gets uncomfortable. Colombians will say cuadremos when they want to organize, schedule a date, meet up with you, plan, coordinate, etc. Thank you for waiting. Gevn doesnt mean a man with big testicles, if not a silly, dumb or slow person, Enrique es un gevn Tener buena pinta is a popular Colombian phrase thats also said in other parts of Latin America. Los quiero muy juiciosos, oyeron? Hoy camin toda la ciudad, y ahora estoy mamada. 76. Parcero/Parcera This DVD is a fake, man! You need to speak to a native Spanish speaker when youre learning. If you have any questions or would like to add some more Colombian Spanish phrases to our list, comment below! Yuck! Examples: Quihubo parce? Qu Chimba! 10. This is another of the words that is part of the rudeness of Colombia that may not be so familiar to all Spanish-speaking people. Im accustomed to using these americanismos in my Spanish, but they dont exist in the Colombian vocabulary. El Parche No des papaya. 49. Ests bien o qu? Juemadre! Definition/Meaning: Slight variation of fuck in Argentina. You can just as easily use it when youre so wasted that you spill your last cup of caa mix that you just bought with your taxi money. This is not a common word in other places and it is another one that is not part of the RAE dictionary either. They like to build that international bond by referring to each other aspaisas. Comemos o qu? Chingada (and its variations): it's a very versatile word and just like many other curse words, it can be used as a noun, an adjective, an adverb or a verb. Now before we dive too deep into the Spanish swear words abyss, its important to have a decent grasp of the love language. Whatre you doing man? Estar Moscas! There are two ways to spell this word: as shown above, or with an e instead of an i,rumbear. I am colombian. Pecueca WebThis curse word uses two Spanish words, puta and gana. When saying pelotudo, youre mostly calling the other person a dumbass someone who doesnt think things ever. Although its a feminine word, pelota is said to both males and females who are, well, idiots.. Abuelitas can be low-key gangsta. A sapo is a snitch, which in other parts of Latin America is also known as a buchn. ! Ella es una nota bailando Shes awesome at dancing. Definition/Meaning: Despicable and/or gross, an asshole. What a bummer! Make sure to take detailed notes during each class, then transfer the notes to a Google Doc and flashcards immediately after each class. In many places a Boleta refers to a piece of paper that they give you, as if it were a receipt, as proof of paying a certain amount of money, but here it is something different. Los Tombos Chimba! Marta est foquiada, sigue durmiendo! A La Orden WebColombian Slang Nouns 1. bacn (a cool dude) This one comes from the adjective "bacano," which means cool. Examples: Claro, se supone que el gobierno lo hara. 2023 Enux Education Limited. Are we going to eat, or what? In Colombia, soda and popcorn is gaseosa y crispetas. Cascar Aqu cobran vacuna? Colombian Swear Juicioso basically means well-behaved or sensible. It is often used to describe the behavior of children or the work-ethic and decisions of adults. Its very similar as to using dick head. Puerto Rican slang or spanglish for hang out. Gritty Spanish is a collection of immersive, realistic stories in Spanish. Youll hear it used in many situations where a mother fucker would suffice in English. But when its used as substantive, it can mean something good or, normally, nothing/filler. Yuck! Todo bien? Hola mam, nombre de Dios. Thanks much for you input! Whats up, dude? Party Mode Also "marica" is pretty common which is an offshoot of "maricon" or "faggot." Te Caigo Jewelry, an iPhone, an expensive watch, your wallet, can all be papaya. P. Top 10 Colombian spanish Swear Words. WebUse this phrase as a greeting and youll sound like a local! Parcero/ais what you can call a friend or acquaintance in Colombia. Come here my little fatty. From this word, it derives maricn, which is a worse insult. 46. We could say that it is one of the funny Colombian insults, and is used to refer to people who tend to be very eccentric to dress, combining bright colors. l es una nota tocando la guitarra. Colombians like to say it to anyone they meet. Web11 Colombian insults you have to know 1. Llmame maana y te caigo. Slang meaning: To leave, scatter, get out. Colombians will sometimes simply sayQuiubo? when you want tosay whats up?. Colombians call their close friends llaves (keys). Colombian use only, and it means to smooch. WebColombian Curse Words Malparido. But every day these words are used massively and its important to know their meanings. WebSwear Words In Colombian spanish | Cuss Words In Colombian spanish. WebAy mam, usted si da cantaleta, (Mu-um, you really know how to nag.) Discover more Colombian phrases and sayings and their translations. In Like chimba, this expression has many odd ends. Examples: Cunto tiempo llevas en Colombia? WebSpanish Translation: Pendejo. Latin American Spanish, amigo. 64. Vamos a hanguiar un rato esta tarde Lets hang out for a while this afternoon. Cachivaches is always said plural, never singular. Instead of going to the bank and waiting in line, do it all online at the same time (at once). Qu pena con usted! Can also mean holy shit and in some parts of Spain, its more of a good thing than an insult. 37. 47. No dar papaya is a warning to avoid such situations. It's filled with raw emotion, music and background sounds to make you feel as though you were truly a part of the environment. Can be used in situations where youd call someone an asshole in English. The Puerto Rican slang for your friend, which comes from the English word brother. Claro and cierto are by no means only used in Colombia. No quiero dar papaya. What an idiot you are! Very helpful! In Spain it means absolutely nothing, and its not considered an official Spanish word. Polas Ven aqu mi gordis. Do it now (at once, already). A synonym for lamp could be believed. La cultura es distinta, cierto? Youll be called a pija when youre being a giant prick or asshole. But the word marica is normally used as filler, between two young persons: , Also, a maricada is something unnecessary, without any importance. So now you know, if someone from Colombia tells you that you are a toad it is not a good sign. 19. Whats up, man? WebEnguayabado: adj. Definition/Meaning: Fuck off. 23. Context is crucial, so be careful how you express this word outside of Colombia. Anything nasty that isnt a foul smell can begucala,because in the case of a foul smell youll usefchile! Jincho/Jincha is used to tell someone that they have had or are having a very bad or unpleasant attitude. But the most common way to use verga in daily life is by saying, A la verga! when something is surprising, often in a slightly negative way. Your brother is the best, I really like him. Your email address will not be published. Unlike cansn, mamadodefines the person whos tired. Mono/Monahas different meanings depending on which Spanish-speaking country youre in. Fritanga: noun. That is an ugly bitch, Germn es una gonorrea de persona Usted piensa que uno es bobo, o qu? In fact, like atulampado, it is a word that is not part of the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy. Used mostly as an expression of despair, you dont usually attach it to any other words, but rather use it to vent your frustration during unfortunate events. It doesnt make sense to shout fchile when looking at something physically gross. 45. Algo huele feo. A rather mild insult that sounds way stronger than its meant, it means literally big balled which is derogatory in Spanish for some reason. WebCoger is a fine word for grab in Colombia but pretty much just means fuck in Mexico. Qu me cuenta? Lucas In this region, guiso is used to refer to people who are rude or have poor manners. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Colombians love to dance (not zumba, but closesalsa), so when they say, La rumba est buena! that means, the partys good. Theyre dancing and having a blast! A cornudo is essentially a cuckold. Ella se emberrac porque llegu muy tarde. Look at the kids working on their homework, so well-behaved. Practice your flashcards with adaptive quizzes that change to reflect your learning speed. I forgot my homework at my house! Mamado/Mamada Hi mom, in the name of God. 78. A nobody; a mediocre person. Location independent. Mostly when describing other people. So, the next time you go to this Latin American country or are consuming something that is related to its culture and you hear Colombian words to insult or funny Colombian insults, you will know exactly what they are talking about. One of the meanings is as an insult, something bad, as an adjective. Nobody likes the gringo who can barely order a cerveza at the bar or confirm a hotel reservation, but will muter puta madre at every passerby. Todo bien means all good and is usually used as a greeting. Mexico uses a lot more englishisms than Colombia. A bobo/boba is a fool. 34. Quihubo parce? Although in Spanish, gonorrea means gonorrhea, in the Colombian jargon, the word refers to something unpleasant. However, I would like to add something. Everyday Talk Finally, it can also be used as a filler, meaning nothing. I have a lot of junk I need to organize. or Whats up, dude? Use this phrase as a greeting and youll sound like a local! = there's a fuckton. If youre unfamiliar with Spanish swear words, well, youre in for a treat, amigo. This is another popular phrase thats heard around Latin America. Gas! 32. Its classic Colombian slang thats only heard there. Cuando llegaste? When youre in the streets of Colombia, its always great to know these insults and curse words, but there are also some great slang words you may use in a conversation with any Colombian person and not offend. 53. For an example, when someone says: Qu gonorrea de pelcula! 79 Cool Colombian Slang Words Youve Gotta Know. Ya me mam, deje de ser tan cansn! Qu casa tan jueputa! What an amazing house!. 11. Now, weve just covered some of the most common Spanish curse words used in various countries throughout Latin America. Rumbiarmay be familiar to other Latino ears; without a doubt, its natural and native to Colombian speak. Parceis a shortened version of parcero/a. Mira al hijueputa ese Nah, everytime the word refers to something bad. One suggestion: dont use them in last place in any sentence. 1. Same as estar moscas,estar pilas means to be sharp and alert. Malparido is the biggest asshole you can think of. Sign up for your free trial Spanish class today. This one is a bit of a soft spot entry. 15. De una is short for de una vez, or at once. This phrase is used to express that you want to do something at once or get it over with already. People also use it when they want to do multiple things at once, or take advantage of the situation to complete a task. But this term doesnt just mean cuck or cuckold in Spanish, it also refers to the behavior of the man after he gets cheated on. = it's very shitty. 35. The funny thing isyoull hear this one all the time in Latin America. El parche is your group of friends. When you walk past a store, shop in a market, hail a cab or pay a clerk in Colombia, a la orden will be blurted at you either before or after your service. For individuals looking to study before they travel, my two favorite options are: This is really all you need to do when first starting to learn Spanish. Is This Accurate? This phrase is particularly common in Medelln and is often preceded by the phrases s or todo bien. When something is cool or good, we use Chimba. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. This is only used in Colombia, nowhere else. 3. However, the key to learning Colombian Spanish dialect is to not be embarrassed to ask questions if you dont understand something or would like to know why they use a certain word or phrase. En lugar de ir al banco y hacer cola, haz todo en lnea de una. Vamos a la fiesta esta noche Call me tomorrow and Ill stop by. Whats new? That dickheadis disturbing me. Watch out, man. That beer got me buzzed. On the other hand, zunga is said to women who enjoy their sexuality. Latin America is made up of 33 countries. Ya se cree superior. Also exists the malparidez, which is the attitude of being in a bad mood and angry. At the end is a word most use for emphasize opinions. Note that parce can be directed to any person whos you age or to whom you dont need to express additional respect. Definition/Meaning: Cuckold, cuck, sorry-ass dude. Lchigo is one of the Colombian words to insult and is used to describe a person who is stingy, who every time money is raised to build a common fund and buy something, he is sneaky and try not to pay, although it is likely that in the long run you will end up adding your contribution. Un Bollo When time is not on their side, Colombians like to shout Qu Gonorrea! Rumba Likebollo,churriasis familiar to Colombian ears only. Many a malparido wind up with broken noses or getting shrapnel removal. Ese mango se pudri. I would say its the equivalent to bastard, so try not to say this word unless its dire. And why dont we both things at once? This is the Colombian way to talk aboutthe slums, ghetto, drug-ridden neighborhoods, etc. WebLearn some popular Spanish curse words from Colombia: Marica Rudeness level: 3/5 Marica could be translated to faggot or fool, which is a vulgar and insulting term. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. You can use it to tell people to get the hell out of your face, be it because theyre trying to rip you off, wasting your time or simply if its a friend whos pulling your leg. You can either take a swig of alcohol, or in some cases make reference to the alcohol itself. Listen to this guy! To be guava-ed ( enguayabado ) is to have what you No one says it that way. 61. That movie sucks!. Pelota Pilas! Care chimba. If you can travel and take classes in-person, just do it. And gotta said this article is very funny And good. Diego Alonso Virgues 7.08K subscribers Subscribe 324 10K views 2 years ago #learnspanish Marta is passed out, shes still sleeping! Chich If a Colombian is in the middle of fixing something and it breaks, they shout: Juepucha, la cagu! If someone says Ese man es mucho malparido is insulting him, saying he is despicable. Literally meaning asshole, ojete is Uruguays direct response to the ever-popular Anglo-Saxon slight. Also, if you wanted to know rudeness from other places, here you can check 33 Argentine insults. While technically not Spanish, Paraguays japiro merits a mention in any self-respecting Spanish curse word article. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. 3. Back in the day, Bavaria Brewing in Colombia created a beer in her honorLa Pola. : " . Examples: Gas! Again, this bad word can be used in two different circumstances. Thats great, or what? 5. Lately, thats changing, and what used to be an insult is now being re-signified by a group. Claudia is rich. It literally means stupid and has no direct reason of why it is used as a swear word. This is a frequent word used in the Spanish language. Examples: Por si las moscas, hay que llevar agua. Nombre De Dios Everything good, or what? Of course, this is not about going through life offending people, but knowing words from other places is always fun and adds to our vocabulary, and Colombian rudeness is no exception. Gordo/Gorda Daddy, I need money! Oh, dont be silly. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 54. This is one of those Colombian-only words. coloq. All good? Likewise, cierto has a long accent on the e. Both words are used more commonly in conversation than other countries. Alright well, Im leaving. Stop loligagging! Si no paraste voy a cascar! Llama a nuestra gorda. 6. Is one of the most extended bad words in Latin America. Are you okay, or what? Slang meaning: To give attention to, listen. (I took him off the key chain!). A collection of Colombian profanity submitted by you! In the latter sense, tocar la guitarra means play the guitar.. Colombian children are taught to say this to their elders the minute they say hello or walk into a house, or whenever they leave and say bye.. WebA cornudo is essentially a cuckold. Me gustara un tinto, por favor. Pija is a popular curse word in Central America and in some parts of South America. Hay un chingo (adv.) La recooooncha de la looooraaaaa.. Im fed up, stop being so annoying! Please log in again. Besides this definition which is the most used, theres another one. 14. On one hand, it can be used to accentuate a question like, Quin vergas es ese? which means, Who the fuck is that?. Foquiado/Foquiada Its the kind of cursing that starts fights. Lobo/Loba The name is attributed to a particular region of Colombia (the Paisa region) where their accents are unique to the rest of the country. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Puto is possibly the most versatile and widespread curse word in the Spanish language. But the most extended meaning is the effective,Cmo est hijueputa? can be How are you dude? And also, hijueputa can mean a wonderful thing.

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