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238. Through a collaborative community effort with other local volunteers, the following initiatives were implemented: Raised funds to purchase water tanks on the island and developed a guttering system to ensure the pigs receive enough freshwater, even at times when volunteers were not there to refill the tanks.Built a nursery for the piglets to ensure they obtained proper care and nutrition after birth Created separate pens for piglets and animals who are ill and need medical treatment, upon which a veterinarian from Nassau provides these services. HHH also goes to other islands. There are flights from Florida with stopovers but these take longer and there will not be enough time. Towels Located about 35 miles southeast of Nassau, Bahamas, the Exumas are also sometimes called the Out Islands. No one is quite sure where the pigs on Big Major Cay came from; they arent native to the island but arrived sometime in the mid-1990sperhaps from a shipwreck? If youre traveling from Nassau you can fly directly to Staniel Cay, just a 30min ride, or to Exuma island, and book a tour from there. While planning my Three-day trip to the Bahamas, one of the places that I really wanted to see was Exuma Island, which features some of the clearest and most beautiful sapphire-blue water on the planet. Or that the pigs swam over from a shipwreck nearby. Snorkel gear There is never any additional cost to you, and I use some of these earnings for my monthly charitable donations. Learn more about visiting the pigs from Staniel Cay here. Its not often that you see pigs on tropical beaches! For questions, details, and to book, visit, email [emailprotected], or call 242-524-8062. Short answer: yes, its safe to swim with the pigs. Pack light and dont forget to bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and your camera, please. How to get to Big Major Cay? Best Sandals Resorts; We Visited All 16 Sandals Resorts So You Dont Have To, a towel and a change of clothes (you will definitely get wet, and may not want to wear the same wet items all day), a sun hat and sunscreen to reapplythe sun is intensified when youre out on the water. By far the easiest way to swim with pigs in The Bahamas is by boat specifically, a boat tour. Delfincharters Private Tour Private option same as above. She has over 10 years of experience helping others to realize their travel dreams and has worked in numerous jobs all over the world to help pay for travel. Accustomed to daily visits, the world-famous swimming pigs like to swim out to meet arriving boats and enjoy frolicking in the water with visitors. WiFi at the office. The pigs love to get their bellies rubbed! Food for the swimming pigs Visit The Exumas for the ultimate escape. The months with the most rain are May and June. Book your swimming pigs trip here. The boat trip from Staniel Cay to Big Major Cay is just 15 minutes. If there was a choice between swimming underwater and through a cave, or keeping our head above water, we were able to discuss which option we preferred. Swimming pigs tours from Staniel Cay and Nassau, the best way, and the cheapest. Big Major Cay is now also known as Pig Beach to tourists. - Island Girl Meets World. Do make a reservation for your trip as far in advance as possible. There are daily flights with Flamingo Air from Nassau to Staniel Cay in the morning, departing at 8:30 AM and returning in the afternoon at 5:20 PM. In this article, learn everything you need to know about pig beach and how to swim with pigs in the Bahamas. Is it Safe to Swim With Pigs in The Bahamas? Both U.S. and Bahamian currency is accepted in the Bahamas. Assorted snacks and chips Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. (Side note: The restaurant called The Swimming Pig Gastropub located in the Baha Mar hotel has no affiliation.). Hop on the speedboat, get a briefing from the captain, and then sit back, relax and enjoy the day! Tereza, I am just seeing this post from 2018 above and am completely baffled. How about swimming with pigs in the Exumas at Pig Beach? Do show the pigs your empty hands if you are out of food so they wont bother you for more. The Bahamas is located in the Atlantic Ocean, 80Km (50 miles) off the coast of Florida. Learn more about Dariece Swift on the Goats On The Road About Us Page. My name is Pericles Rosa and Ive been to over 50 countries. It really was quite the sight. Swimming with Pigs in Nassau Bahamas on AirBnB Experiences provides a 2-hour tour of Adelaide Beach that starts at $129 and includes two complimentary drinks, paddleboards and kayaks, and time to relax in hammocks on the beach as well as swim with and feed the pigs. Dariece is a co-founder of Goats On The Road, and an expert in saving money, finance management, building an online business and of course travel. There is also a ferryboat from Nassau to Exuma with Bahamas Ferries, but its a very long journey. Staniel Cay Adventures is a tour operator that offers a seven-stop boat trip that leaves from Staniel Cay and goes to Pig Beach. If youre staying on Paradise Island in Nassau, your pick-up time will be around 6:00 AM 6:30AM and Cable Beach area is 6:30AM 6:45AM. There are 4 of us - myself, hubby and 2 kids ages 15 and 12. If one of the pigs comes over to you while youre on the beach and youre getting freaked out, dont run! You can get to Pig Island, Bahamas, by powerboat or plane. Im not adding here the costs to get to the Bahamas because they can vary significantly depending on many factors, such as time of the year, distance traveled, etc. Below you find the details about all the options available and many tips to plan your trip. Swimming with pigs in the Bahamas is sure to be an unforgettable experience. P.S.2: You can reserve any of these two tours now, pay it later and get a full refund up to 24h before the activity starts in case you need to cancel it. I always use World Nomads Travel Insurancefor independent travellers. The original swimming pigs are located on Big Major Cay in the Exuma cays. 1 day. And there is also a ferry from Fort Lauderdale to Bimini, but youll need to take a flight to Nassau first, then get to Pig Beach following one of the options above. Click the button below to get started on planning your next amazing vacation! There are a few folk tales surrounding why the pigs on are the beach, but since Captain Dave with 3Ns Exuma Vacations and the owner of Embrace resort are both born and raised on Staniel Cay, we got the real story. Big Major Cay is a typically gorgeous Bahamian island, complete with white sand, swaying palm trees, and incredibly clear blue water. Delfincharters Group tour Well-reviewed tour is 4 hours long and offers both a morning and afternoon pickup option. The island of Eleuthera also has swimming pigs but the transit time by boat is the same as going to Exuma. I took a tour with this company and I recommend. This company also offers private charter trips and a day trip by air from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport in Florida, as well as many luxury upgrades (ultimate private island experience, anyone?). more. What is the most affordable way to see the swimming pigs in 1 day without flying? - Island Girl Meets World. This option is the most expensive because you have to pay for airfare and hotel accommodation plus the boat excursion. Why Are There Swimming Pigs in The Bahamas? Children under 6: $100 0 1. I remember when I saw the first pictures and videos of pigs swimming in the crystal-clear turquoise water of Exuma, an archipelago comprising more than 365 islands, in the Bahamas. We had such a great time on the tour and could not stop laughing when the pigs came swimming towards our boat for food! Its much easier, cheaper and stress-free. Swimming with the pigs at Pig Beach is easily done by staying on Staniel Cay. The tour will go out rain or shine unless water conditions are too rough or the rainfall is too heavy (which is very rare). Food for the swimming pigs So be prepared to spend a lot of time on the boat and under the sun. We sailed on the crystal clear water of different shades of blue of Exuma Cays, saw some islands owned by celebrities and stopped on a breathtaking sandbank. This is one experience you simply cant miss while youre here. In order to experience this bucket list activity, you have to travel down to the Exuma Islands. Embrace is located right by the airport and the pier, which means you can sleep in on the morning of the pig tour and be ready to go around 9:00AM. To learn more about the swimming pigs, please call The Exumas Tourist Office at (242) 336-2457. Learn More. If you have limited time, my recommendation is to book this tour. Here you can find some of my greatest adventures across the globe, travel tips, inspiration and much more. getting to the bahamas from florida by ferry? But if youre just interested in swimming with pigs in the Bahamas and you dont particularly care where that happens, these tours can be a shorter and less expensive option. Disclaimer: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. You will get there before the crowds and the pigs will not be as tired and full. You can also find tours on major travel sites such as TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Airbnb. A large number of travellers visit the Bahamas swimming pigs via a boat day trip from Nassau and many of them enjoy this option. Top 10 Jamaica Destination Wedding Packages & Resorts, Stay In Antiguas Only Overwater Bungalow at Royalton Antigua. Hopefully, it will inspire you to visit Exuma on your next trip. You can reserve it now and pay later. This experience is not as authentic but suitable for people with less time. Day Trips. Check out my review of the full day tour here: my list of the best beaches in The Bahamas, 3Ns Exuma Vacations Private Swimming Pigs & More, 3Ns Exuma Vacations Swimming Pigs Tour from Nassau, Born Free Charters Exuma Island Hopping and Swimming Pigs, HHH Charters and Watersports Exuma Cays Private Charter, HHH Pigs, Snorkeling and Beach 4 hour tour, Best Swimming Pigs Tour in Bahamas - Island Girl Meets World, Why is The Bahamas expensive? A day trip including flights and a boat excursion is the next best option. Most of the boat tours from Nassau last 8-9 hours including 2 hours each way to get to and from Pig Beach (a total of 4 hours) and the remaining 4 hours are split between the various attractions. We encourage visitors to act responsibly when interacting with our friendly pigs of Big Major Cay. Get answers to your questions about Bahamas. The second reason is if you have food on you while youre on land, the pigs may become forceful and try to get it from you. Here are some more details: Adults: $499 You can have the tour company book your flight or you can book your own flight through Flamingo Air or Titan Air. From Staniel Cay you can take a Pig Beach tour with Island Rentals at a cost of US$ 400 + 12% VAT/person for up to 3 people or US$ 300 + 12 % VAT for 4 or more guests. To get to Pig Beach from Nassau you have three different options: 1 Book a flight to Staniel Cay + Pig Beach Tour. Do bring cash so you can purchase extras and souvenirs, as well as tip your boat captain and staff if you enjoy your tour! During our trip, I appreciated how we were given the freedom to go off and do our own thing if we wanted (photos, videos, etc.). Goats On The Road readers receive a complimentary bottle of wine on check-in at Embrace Resort. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity. Swimming with Pigs in Nassau Bahamas on AirBnB Experiences provides a 2-hour tour of Adelaide Beach that starts at $129 and includes two complimentary drinks, paddleboards and kayaks, and time to relax in hammocks on the beach as well as swim with and feed the pigs. Hola Mario. Da Pig Beach is a swimming with pigs Bahamas tour guide thats rated one of the best for a couple of reasons. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. WebThe pigs have landed in freeport, Bahamas for you to enjoy. The closest airport to Pig Beach is in Staniel Cay, a small island located approximately 120Km (74.5mi) south of Nassau and 100Km (62mi) from George Town. The itinerary of this trip is the same as if you joined from Nassau. I've reported this to TA and asked them to investigate. The temperatures in the Bahamas tend to stay above 60 degrees year-round, so dont worry that the winter will be too cold to swim with the pigs. Freeport is an If youre on a budget, the cheapest way to swim with pigs in the Bahamas is to take a Pig Beach tour from Nassau to Pear Island for US$ 169 or to Rose Island for US$ 195. This popular company also offers private tours. The main airport is the Nassau International Airport, now known as Lynden Pindling International Airport, which is situated 10 miles (16 km) west of Nassau, New Providence Island. Go for a swim with the pigs in deeper, clean water. More customizable than group tour options. Tours are not accessible for the physically challenged, so dont book a reservation if you need special accommodations. Keep in mind that two hours each way getting to and from the destination. If swimming with the pigs are on your bucket list then staying overnight in Staniel Cay is the best way to visit the pigs. Find it on the map here, and check out the image below. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-97502852', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');Nassau I see your post history, but when I click on Dusty-traveller from Spanish Wells I see my own post history. When you visit Pig Beach, youll want to wear clothes that are suitable for the days weather with a swimsuit underneath, and bring: Are you ready to experience a truly unique travel adventure? The disadvantage of this option is that the boat excursion may be cancelled or postponed in the event of bad weather or flight delays. WebAnswer 1 of 6: We are staying at Comfort Suites on Paradise Island across from Atlantis.

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