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Our 2023 hunts are filling up quickly. As the rut winds down in November, we start to see our deer become more consistent in their late season feeding patterns. Many hunters believe this fair chase whitetail hunting model is more rewarding than a high fence hunt. At Cinco Canyon Ranch you will have the opportunity of a lifetime to get a world class elk bull. Hunts start at $7,999 Book Today! Hunts include meat packaging & processing. Our hunts are available august to april. Call or text (940) 585-1008 (940) 585-1008. Description: Guests participating on this package generally harvest a bull ranging in size between 350" - 375". If you are hunting alone you are responsible for the size of deer that is killed. Big Cove Whitetails has been a family-owned and operated high fence hunting ranch, with a goal to give you, our client, nothing but the best. Matching wits with the evasion skills of whitetail deer is a thrill. Take them deer hunting and let them harvest themselves a deer ! Stand & Fill Feeder, Broadcast Feeder, Protein Feeder, Trough Feeder, Combo Feeder, Road Feeder, Wild Bird Feeder, Fish Feeder. We provide a 1-on-1, 1 to 3 day guided hunts on our beautiful 440 acre ranch. We will continue to offer management hunts for bulls/spikes and cows to help fill your freezer with some delicious high protein! With highly-managed hunting ranches and the most knowledgeable guides, we consistently harvest some of the best and biggest whitetail bucks in South Texas year after year. The whitetail hunts at Powder Ridge Outfitters are categorized based on three main hunt categories, classic, trophy, and world class. . Your Dream Hunt If your dream is to hunt Colorado high country, you have found your dream area. We only cater to one Whitetail hunting party per week, so the attention you receive will not be divided. Hunting with friends that are like family is what its all about! Our 5 star accommodations and abundant whitetail deer will make your Texas deer hunt the hunt of a lifetime. Scroll . Your hunting fee includes all Oklahoma tags, guide fee, preparation, and delivery of the game to a local processor and/or taxidermist. We are now providing you birdfeeders, sitting areas, and games. Any Class of Hunt can be booked during the Rut. Trophy Ridge Ranch Managed High Fence Whitetail Herd. Our private hunting ranch sits on 4,300 acres of beautiful hardwood and pine-covered hills, laced with a network of trails, beautiful streams, and ponds. Nope ! Experience a once-in-a-lifetime trophy hunt at Kansas Trophy Outfitters in Lyndon, Kansas. Ohio High Fence Whitetail Deer Hunting . One thirty to 140 class deer are $3,000. No license or tags are required for our elk and bison hunts. One-on-one guide: $1500 extra 3% Administrative Fee: All multi-day trip rates will have an additional 3% administrative fee added per reservation. I had the hunt of a lifetime at half the price of what other ranches would have charged. "There's no better value than Cutler Creek. Book a hunt on our 1400 acre hunting ranch (700 high fenced acres). They start at $6,000 Tips are not included but appreciated. We invite you to come and enjoy this beautiful resource with the famous Teton Peaks, Centennial Mountains and Sawtooth Mountains as our backdrops. No one likes to pay thousands of dollars for a hunt and not have the reward of a harvest, so we do our best to ensure your success. Hunt dates: September - January. Harvests are booked: Awesome warm weather hunt. Many hunters believe you have to go out west to harvest a trophy Elk, but now you don't. You can come to West Tennessee and bring home an awesome trophy Elk. And we dont want you leaving the night after you come in from hunting. A $500 deposit is required to book a hunt. 818-266-4064. Hunt your dream whitetail on one of our world-class Presidential Hunts where you will have your choice of numerous 200 plus inch trophies, while enjoying the company of fellow whitetail enthusiasts and the Legends' passion for that perfect hunt. No need to book a trip overseas or across the country, from Elk to Oryx, we have it all. It doesnt get any better than this.. This ranch has several miles of live water, big canyons, large meadows, and big plateaus. Powder Ridge Outfitters. Hunt Mill Hollow Ranch is a Whitetail Deer Hunting and Elk Hunting haven located in the Ozark Mountains of Eastern Oklahoma. We understand. With the high-fence estate hunts boasting a 100% success rate this is a great opportunity to get that fireplace bull. Call Brad: (919) 691-8207 Email: Email: Non-hunters are welcome, we charge $75 per night for lodging, this includes breakfast/lunch. Contact ustoday for current pricing on a monster bull elk hunt. Accommodations Get comfortable in the bunkhouse! If you are looking for private ranch elk hunting in the Rocky Mountains, we urge you to book your hunt with Juniper Mountain located in beautiful eastern Idaho. You can use a bow or rifle on most of our high fence hunts. Generally the best time to hunt these conditions are from August through mid-October. Bontrager Whitetails missionbreed and raise whitetail deer to reach their genetic potential for trophy hunts or breeding stock. We generally only book classic, and the trophy hunts during the late season. (deposit will be kept or transferred to another hunt) $500 Non-Refundable Deposit to Book $500 Non-Hunting Guest Fee Price includes: Lodging Homestyle Southern Cooking Drinks Caping Quartering/De-boning Guide License/Tag Fee Not Included: Contact us now to discuss our simple, all-inclusive pricing structure that includes: 3 days / 4 nights at the Lodge at Cutler Creek. Our elk ranch has over 12,000 acres under high fence. On the rare occasion you don't harvest a whitetail, you will still be charged the standard hunt package fee for your stay and services provided. $3000. Adjoining fields of clover, alfalfa, and row crops make a perfect setting for large whitetail!. We are excited to now be able to offer trophy elk hunts from 300 to over 430. The Stone Creek lodge is located near . These hunts give our hunters the potential to experience some very intense rutting activity that only takes place on a well-managed property. We offer whitetail deer hunts, ram hunts, American bison hunts, water buffalo hunts, aoudad hunts, ibex hunts, trophy elk hunts & Watusi hunts. Hunt trophy bull elk and be our private guest in our luxurious lodge, featuring the most spectacular views both inside and out. Guide service will include field dressing and skinning of all your game. Many of our bucks are still in their summer bachelor groups and consistent feeding patterns. 200"+ Start at $7500. We can use stands, blinds, or stalk on foot. The estate elk hunting is priced according to the time of the season you want to hunt. Stop feeding the squirrels and raccoons and buy an ASF Evolution feeder today! Plan on several days of hunting these Bucks are not easy. Whitetail Deer Hunts (High Fence) King of Eights Outfitters, LLC has some exceptional Whitetail hunts to offer this year. We offer affordable prices for all of our guided high-fences hunts. But it doesn't end there. When you book a hunt, youre guaranteed a shot opportunity. . Gratuities for your cooks and guides are greatly appreciated, but not required. $4000 & Up. Seasoned veteran hunters, youth hunters, physically challenged and all others will enjoy the thrill of the Elk or Whitetail hunts. 170 Class Whitetail and above when available are individually priced. Heat shields with adjustable baffles, slide-out grills, and ashtrays, and liquid reservoir chambers are some of our favorite features and we have no doubt they will be yours too! Email: Ranch Address. On our whitetail preserve we hunt from mid-August through the month of January. NO LICENSE REQUIRED. This is a six-generation family-owned sheep ranch. Wow your friends and family with some of the most unique white-tail antlers in the country. With limiting the hunters per hunt, we have the ability to use multiple techniques in pursuing your trophy buck. Ranch Web Design by 3plains. If you have ever dreamed of a place where you see hundreds of animals from across the globe everyday then Wilderness Hunting Lodge is a place you will not want to miss! Although this is a high fence preserve, the ranch is acres 4300 huge, and our whitetails are wild, making the hunt a challenge. We know how rough those roads are, we also know how reckless you can be, so we designed our road feeders to hold up to all the abuse you and your ranch roads have to offer! Our sheep ranch, however, covers more than 450,000 acres of forest, BLM, state land and private land. The reason that we are successful in producing bucks for our clients year-after-year is due to the time and commitment we put into proper and strict deer management. Whether its BBQing on the go, in the backyard, for your family and friends, or competition cook offs, ASF has the BBQ pit for you! One fifty to 170 deer are $5,000. We are excited to be able to now offer our customers a new experience and harvest opportunities at our historic high fence ranch, Styx Canyon. Doe when available are $200 in conjunction with a buck or elk hunt. Final hunt prices are determined by the animal size, animal availability, date and length of hunting trip, and the number of hunters. Menu. If it is a true trophy elk you are looking for, Oak Creek Whitetail Ranch harvests several bull elk each year that will score in the 400 to 500 inch range. Clover Creek Ranch is located just outside Spokane, WA. ASF isnt just about deer feeders anymore, if you havent noticed. Phone: 208.663.4585Email: cindy@junipermountain.netWeb: Only a selective number of hunters have the chance to hunt these whitetails, relish home-cooked meals and stay in the gorgeous lodge. Book Now. Our hunters take some amazing bulls year after year on our guided elk hunts. Our family has hunted forever and will treat you as we like to be treated. BOOK NOW > Home. Trophy Scoring. You and your party will be the only ones at the lodge and hunting, unless hunter requests otherwise. Contact. Affordable Prices. Our hunting experiences have been in Alaska, Africa, Canada, New Zealand and across the USA! More affordable than a hunt out west, and we guarantee your hunt. We're a short drive from most midwestern cities, so enjoy a quick weekend . Please call ! 989-493-2909 or 989-351-9293 Unbelievable Fishing! Great meat, biggest antlers and most meat for the most affordable hunt. South Dakota is prime habitat for trophy whitetail and SoDak Prairie Acres offers guaranteed whitetail hunts at our hunting ranch in Fedora, SD. We offer 3-day all-inclusive packages and our professional guides will place you in the ideal position to harvest a trophy class South Dakota Whitetail. We cant say as we blame you. We offer 3-day all-inclusive packages and our professional guides will place you in the ideal position to harvest a trophy class South Dakota Whitetail. Our trophy whitetail deer hunts are for the truly trophy-minded hunter. ASF is now manufacturing everything you need for your backyard oasis. Whitetail, 140" to 160" . First, take a look at our prices. Located in San Augustine County in the heart of the Pineywoods of East Texas, Venado Creek Ranch has over 2,000 acres of prime high-fence deer hunting habitat. The best time to experience our rut at Powder Ridge is to book your hunt during late October through the week prior to Thanksgiving. Woodard Whitetails of Kentucky offers world class high fence whitetail hunts. Hunts and Prices. Everyone is price conscious to some degree these days. We provide excellently located tree stands and ground blinds. Book your Elk, Deer, Turkey, Bison, or Hog hunt with us! And, your shot opportunity is guaranteed. You want to get your childs attention away from their cell phone for a few days and get them back in the real world? We want to provide you with an experience that you muse all year and will leave you anxiously awaiting your return trip in future years to come! Theres no better value than Cutler Creek. Your hunting experience here on the plains will be one youll never forget! A few years ago, for the first time, the ranch allowed 6 hunters to hunt for the Bulls. If you are hunting alone you are responsible for the size of deer that is killed. In Texas, a high fence whitetail hunt refers to hunting within a ranch or property that has a fence 8 or 10 feet tall. If a guide is with you the deer are priced when you see them and they are not scored. top of page. Fallow deer are available. Due to the quality of our hunting guides and the amount of trophy game, you will see many trophy whitetails, elk, axis deer, and other exotic game. And, the best thing about it wasn't . Affordable Whitetail Hunts start with Bushy Creek ! We are very excited about being able to offer Trophy Elk hunting at the Goodman Ranch now. Stone Creek Hunting Ranch is located in the beautiful Piney Region of Central Missouri. Before your Hunt; During your Hunt; Elk Size Guide; Bison Size Guide; Hunter Info Sheet; About Us. High Fence Exotic Hunts Cross Oaks Ranch Offers Blackbuck Antelope, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, and Iranian Red Sheep on our 2,490 acre hunting ranch. Exotic Game Hunting. We got you covered ! We want you well rested and well fed for your trip back home. 800-225-1563. $13,450.00 Sizes and pricing ranges. We are going to purchase your non resident Indiana license and either sex deer tag and give it to you absolutely for free when you purchase one of our trophy whitetail hunting packages. 170 Class Whitetail and above when available are individually priced. Proudly created with. Located West of Lawton, Oklahoma, and bordering the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge. We provide spot and stalk and or feeder sits based upon the hunt and need.

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