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View all calls for papers from APA Journals relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic. We use cookies to distinguish you from other users and to provide you with a better experience on our websites. This special examines the effects of global climate change on mental health. Providing up-to-date information on the Nuclear Data and Code Systems applied in the field of nuclear science and technology. This special issue will examine the relationship between innovation and internationalization activities at the firm level. This special issue will address sustainability & regulations related issues to the development, design, and management of buildings. This article collection welcomes papers on all topics related to nanotechnology and the treatment of human cancer. Areas of special interest include: Research designs that will be considered include, but are not limited to, randomised controlled trials, natural experiments, and quasi-experimental studies. This article collection will highlight new biologic drugs under development and innovative application protocols of asthma treatment. This article collection will highlight the development of new and/or novel antimicrobial therapies and diagnostics. Yes Bioengineered welcomes original research articles, technical notes, and reviews that seek to examine all aspects of biofilm. This special issue will address issues of national context and time in human resource management. This special issue will seek to investigate differences and similarities in the complex of football versus ice hockey in the European sport landscape. In March of the same year, local COVID-19 transmission has been officially reported in the country. This special issue focuses on the use of NDT&E and SHM means to evaluate the structural integrity of advanced materials and structures. This Special Issue will be dedicated to any areas of Bayesian Nonparametrics (theory, method, and applications). This special issue aims to investigate the prevalence and impact of sexual violence and how to prevent it in the future. This special issue is aimed at promoting research related to market entry both in China and around the world. This special issue examines the environmental impacts of the current climate change and associated extreme weather events. F1000Research provides rapid, open, and transparent publication and welcomes submissions across all disciplines. Call for papers Call for Papers: Special Issue on the impact of COVID-19 on Higher Education The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted higher education and resulted in unexpected challenges to students, faculty, and administrators. This article collection will explore the ethical, psychological, educational, social and legal dimension of the humanities in medical education. With content updated daily, you can search the World Health Organisation (WHO) website for the latest scientific findings and knowledge on COVID-19. Award for the Betterment of the Human Condition. This special issue seeks to understand and address generational differences in media use, advertising attitudes and perceptions. We welcome empirical (qualitative and quantitative) and conceptual research papers on place marketing and destination branding. This special issue welcomes papers that provide empirical insights into the connection between climate risks and the emerging markets. *. This special issue will highlight current issues in science curriculum and provoke theoretically and empirically driven discussion. This special issue asks how the European financial architecture can be re-aligned to face the challenges of climate change. Make your work accessible to all, without restrictions, and accelerate scientific discovery with options like preprints and published peer review that make your work more Open. This special issue invites philosophers and social scientists working on innovation to critically examine the directions and directionality of innovation. Register for the early bird rate. This special issue will explore how sex hormones circulate in a Nordic context, including the Faroe Islands, Greenland, the Spmi Nation, and the Aaland Islands. The outbreak of COVID pandemic, the number of cases has been rapidly increased and still increasing across the wor . This special issue aims to address remote sensing applications in various Arctic, climate change, and Arctic system science contexts. This special issue welcomes submissions that will highlight the idea of open education. This article collection welcomes research on therapeutic advancements that might affect the development of atherosclerosis and reduce CVD. This special issue will explore the importance of archiving in art. Given that digital tokens have increasingly attracted attention, We, therefore, call for contributions which could unpack these new digital assets. This special issue deals with the wide range of research fields in forest science under changing environments. Yes This special issue will highlight the limitations of accounting in addressing corruption in relation to socio-environmental issues. This article collection will seek to examine the promotion of energy saving and low carbonization of housing and buildings. This article collection will cover all aspects of plant signaling transduction involved in the response to physiological and stressor conditions. Questions: Pleasesubmit any questions to our editorial Add your ORCID here. This special issue welcomes alternative models for thinking about the relationship between interior space, ecology, and economy. This special issue will explore features of school pedagogies as resources of hope. This special issue is focused on research related to climate change, and its effects on energy and the financial and economic systems. This special issue welcomes research on business power, influence, and political activity in a historical perspective. This special issue will focus on emerging topics of control, mechatronics, and integrated design for physical human support. This special issue examines cybercrime, focusing on strengthening effective and inclusive cybercrime policies. Preprints already submitted to MedRxiv can be transmitted to JMH via the, Other JMIR journals are also soliciting COVID-19 papers, Human factors of public health information systems, surveillance systems, tracking tools, apps, and other innovations used to support the fight against COVID-19, Human factors involved in integrating different sources and types of public health information to deal with the pandemic, Human factors issues involved in effectively communicating information to the public in an accessible and understandable way, Cognitive aspects of lay persons understanding of key information about the pandemic, Characterizing the interactions between laypersons understanding of the virus and their behavior/actions taken during the epidemic, The reporting and visualization of public health information relevant to pandemic outbreaks such as COVID-19, The organization and communication of information to varied stakeholders (e.g., the government, scientific community, health care organizations and professionals, and the public), Design of user interfaces for supporting a more effective understanding and response to the pandemic, Human aspects of innovative technologies for dealing with the pandemic, such as contact tracking, data analysis, visualization, and pandemic reporting, Comparison of approaches for use of technology across regions and countries from a human factors perspective, Barriers and facilitators of innovative technologies from a human factors perspective (e.g., usability, cultural, and ethical issues), Human factors and usability of virtual tools, systems, and apps designed for use in the pandemic by health professionals and the public, Workflow and process management of surveillance, testing and health care provision, All peer-reviewed research publications in this theme issue are immediately and permanently made open accessthis is of course the standard for JMIR journals, Special tagging of the XML of the published paper for priority release on PubMed Central (in collaboration with NCBI). This special issue welcomes articles that provide meaningful conversations about the constructions of the self and agency of learners and teachers. document.getElementById( "ak_js" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); PLOS Note: Mayas blog is especially timely because PLOS Global Public Health and PLOS Climate are inviting you to submit your original, By guest contributors Roopa Dhatt, Ann Keeling and Rachel Thompson (Women in Global Health) This is part 2 of a two-part series, By guest contributors Abhijit Dhillon*, Bhanupriya Rao*, Ruth Mbugua**, Lucy Wankuru**, Adepeju Adeniran***, and Oluwabukola Shaba*** (*Women in Global Health India; **Women. Survey-based and cost-effectiveness analyses are also welcomed. This special issue will focus on recent trends in sustainability aspects of 4D Printing and Design for Additive Manufacturing. This special issue recognizes the evolving role of journalism in addressing the intertwined sustainability crises of society and journalism. This article collection will seek to examine the traditional arts into language learning in endangered and minoritized language contexts. This special issue will highlight the need for innovation during the current global challenges. This special issue applies a mobility studies perspective to explore public transport as a subject of African literature. We invite researchers to contribute on all aspects regarding the immunological function and diagnostic and therapeutic applications of exosomes. This article collection will focus on the recent advances that have improved the understanding of the biology and breeding of orphan crops. This special issue orients towards immersing the field of leisure studies more deeply in urgent and ongoing conversations about global environmental change. This special issue is to compile articles that advance theoretical and empirical research related to the development of digital finance. This article collection will examine genome edited crops and the role in climate and sustaining global food security. This special issue will examine the current economic and social conjuncture in Europe. This article collection will highlight the recent advances in natural fiber-reinforced PLA biopolymer composites. This special issue seeks to understand what role resettlement plays in sustaining and perpetuating the global refugee system. You will be notified in mid-June. Questions about the special issue can be directed to This special issue welcomes contributions on accounting, auditing and accountability practices during and after human-made disasters from different geographies. Yes This special issue will address broad questions of Korean HRM using both qualitative and quantitative approaches. This special issue will highlight the humane entrepreneurship for peace and prosperity. However, an emergency can also open a . This special issue aims to collect state-of-the-art cognitive intelligence research in innovative design, smart manufacturing and interdisciplinary domains. 1. new and productive opportunities for engagement, pedagogy, and research in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. This article collection aims to highlight recent insights and advances in human genomics and epigenomics in epidemiology. This special issue welcomes submissions that examine data protection, cooperation, and innovation in Latin America. This article collection welcomes submissions that examine areas of exosome-based therapeutics and related research. This article collection will seek to highlight the therapeutic effects of traditional Chinese medicine in cancer therapy. Next Generation Supply Chains: Lessons from the COVID-19 Crisis. This special issue will highlight approaches to restore human trafficking victims and rehabilitate former offenders of human trafficking crimes. This special issue will bring together papers exploring how time relates with and in health and illness. This article collection will help share information on how obstetrics and gynaecology has evolved and adapted to COVID-19. Questions about the special issue can be directed to Please send 300 to 500 word abstracts (in PDF format) of proposed 15 to 20 minute papers to epidemics-and-othering [at] by April 30th, 2021. This article collection will highlight digital health technologies to facilitate functional independence throughout older age in a post-pandemic world. This special issue of World Archaeology is devoted to articles that tackle current debates of significance to the discipline, that frame new questions emerging in archaeological research. December 2021. This special issue explores critical issues pertinent to green financial system and green transition. This article collection will examine various aspects of crop responses and tolerance to environmental stresses. This article collection welcomes research that will promote health equity in addiction and address the needs of minoritized communities. URL: /core/journals/ps-political-science-and-politics. This special issue focuses on the advances in remote sensing technology and the applications of remotely sensed observations for the assessment of environmental changes associated with the Earth system. This article collection will highlight the use of various devices and techniques to optimize management of patients with COPD. This article collection will seek to provide insight into the involvement of ncRNAs during musculoskeletal disease development. This special issue welcomes submissions on recent advancements in SDG 15 indicator progress evaluation using technologies in Earth observation, AI and citizen science. We use cookies to improve your website experience. Find information on past and upcoming meetings of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS and their recommendations on policies, programs, and research. Other journals such as Journal of Medical Internet Research, JMIR Pediatrics and Parenting, JMIR Mental Healthhave also issued calls for papers. Try the Taylor & Francis Journal Suggester, Choose open access when publishing your research, Researcher Services Manuscript Preparation, Researcher Services Research communication, Explore the list of the current promoted calls for papers from Taylor & Francis, Routledge and Cogent journals in that subject area. This article collection seeks to explore tourism from the perspective of GIS analysis and remote sensing. This special issue will highlight integration or transformation approaches to sustainability in engineering education. Unpacking new digital tokens, Opportunities and Challenges in the Digital Finance Era. This special issue addresses a wide range of topics overviewing the spectrum of Anti Domestic Violence Interventions related programs. This article collection will explore how land system science can broaden the understanding of the risk of infectious disease. This special issue seeks to develop insights into the complexities of media literacy in postcolonial African contexts of digital inequalities and innovations. This special issue focuses on innovative management and production optimization methodologies for the study of carbon reduction engineering. This special issue seeks to accumulate the knowledge to support the valorization of the profession in tourism and hospitality. The Journal of Plant Interactions welcomes articles on the emerging field of research studying plant life in space environments. This special issue will explore environmental issues that impact collections, publishing, and other aspects of scholarly communication. This special issue seeks to expand the boundaries around precarity in higher education teaching. Further, the pandemic situation remains volatile, with new variants of variable infectivity and lethality still emerging and remaining uncertainty over access to vaccines, booster vaccines and other candidate compounds for antivirals. How we understand and cope with a global pandemic, such as the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19), encompasses a range of human factors that critically determine how the outbreak evolves over time. ) are immediately available after submission (withDOI); authors should select the preprint option on submission.

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